Serena Kerrigan Utilizes Instagram Live for Dating

Luna Dawson

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Content creator Serena Kerrigan has used her urge to empower women combined with coronavirus restrictions to create an Instagram Live dating show. Her new show, Let's F*cking Date, is meant to encourage women to be "unapologetically" themselves, even on an awkward first date.

Kerrigan strongly believes that dating during this time, given the level of uncertainty with everything, might even be more productive. "You're more likely to have an impactful and less superficial conversation because it's a pandemic," she explained.

Since she's doing this entirely on her own without the input of any producers, she has complete control of the content and engagement with viewers. That's why she's serving as the producer, host, and contestant, and she's very excited to see where this goes.

Guest of a Guest

"It's authentic, it's happening in the moment," said Kerrigan. "Those awkward moments where you don't know what to ask next, that's there." Serena also hosts an "after the date" show, where she recaps the highlights and awkward moments with other influencers.