‘SNL’ Pokes Fun at Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Trial


| LAST UPDATE 05/17/2022

By Lia Thomson
amber heard snl skit
ELIZABETH FRANTZ / Contributor via Getty Images

It's no secret that Saturday Night Live is always on point when it comes to poking fun at celebrities and mocking current trending news. So fans knew it wouldn't be long until the writers on the iconic show would give us content about the infamous Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial that's been all over our TikTok For You Page! Here's what you missed...

For those who may not already know, Depp is suing his ex-wife, Heard, for defamation. And thanks to their high public role, the lawsuit is being taped and viewed by hundreds of fans, waiting for the juror's decision. On May 14thSNL did a parody about some of the claims that have surfaced on the ongoing trial. More specifically, the one where Heard apparently left fecal matter on top of Depp's bed...

johnny depp amber heard
JIM LO SCALZO / Contributor via Getty Images
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The skit started off with comedian Kyle Mooney on the stand in the courtroom, pretending to be the Pirates of The Caribbean actor. He was being questioned by his "lawyer," Aidy Bryant, who asked him about the incident where his ex-wife supposedly used the bathroom where he usually falls asleep. "I felt very, very sad," Mooney said. The amusing scene went on with Bryant admitting that she had surveillance footage of the event in question. Before playing the clip, she explained, "I'll allow it because it does sound fun, and this trial is for fun." Everyone in the skit's courtroom watched the video as Depp's "property manager," Kenan Thompson, discovered the fecal matter, which he said looked "just like the emoji." LOL. "It smells like boo-boo in here," the 44-year-old comedian teased. "It's coming from this bed! Oh, h*ll no, that's a boo-boo!"

That's when the judge, portrayed by Cecily Strong, spoke up, "I think I've seen enough. This trial has given me a lot to consider," she started. "On one hand, I believe Mr. Depp's story, but on the other hand, your constant little smirk lets me know this is not the first woman you've made so mad that she pooped in your bed. … Either way, I'm just so glad this ain't me!" Check out the rest of the hilarious content from last Saturday night on Hulu. And as for the real-life trial, it will resume Monday, May 16, after a 10-day recess...

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