Surprise Cameos From Bad Bunny’s ‘SNL’ Hosting Debut


| LAST UPDATE 10/22/2023

By Petra Grover
Bad Bunny SNL Hosting
Saturday Night Live via YouTube

When Bad Bunny hosted Saturday Night Live this past Saturday night, everyone knew it would be epic. From hilarious sketches to the iconic celebrities who made cameo appearances, this episode of the iconic variety sketch show was a star-studded event. 

Bad Bunny started off strong by bringing out fan favorite and The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal. During the Puerto Rican rapper's monologue, he said that he was going to bring out a friend of his to help out with the translation from Spanish to English. Out walked Pascal and immediately went in to embrace Bad Bunny in a big hug. Bad Bunny continued his monologue in passionate Spanish, and Pedro's translations were, of course, hilarious jokes. Pascal gave him some hosting tips about what he should do in his monologue. His suggestions included making a self-deprecating joke and sharing an embarrassing photo of himself. This was only a taste of what was to come later in the show!

Pedro Pascal Bad Bunny
Saturday Night Live via YouTube
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 Another surprising celebrity made a cameo appearance during a sketch centered around telenovela actors. Bad Bunny and SNL cast member Marcello Hernández were playing telenovela actors, and their scene kept being derailed by an actress, played by Punkie Johnson, who didn't know a single word in Spanish. Then, none other than Mick Jagger came out on stage. Yup, you read that right! Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones joined the sketch as another actor who is confused about why this actress doesn't know a single word in Spanish. He also appeared in a risqué sketch later on in the show that featured nuns who are all secretly doing the forbidden sin with a man who has been posing as a nun. The last time that the rockstar appeared on the show was 11 years ago when he hosted it during the show's 37th season. The surprises didn't stop there, either. Lady Gaga came on stage to introduce Bad Bunny for his first musical performance of the night.

In addition to helping Bad Bunny with his first monologue, Pascal returned for a sketch. He originally played the character of a protective Latina mom when he hosted the show last season. This time, he was joined by Bad Bunny as the overprotective aunt. This was one hilarious and star-studded show. We can't wait to see what else they have in store this season.

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