'You' Star Tati Gabrielle on Working With Penn Badgley


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Chloe Becker
Tati Gabrielle Penn Badgley
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In case you (somehow) missed it, Season 3 of You just hit Netflix, bringing with it some familiar faces. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress Tati Gabrielle stars as Joe Goldberg's latest obsession, a librarian named Marienne. Lucky for us, the talented gal just revealed what it was like working with Penn Badgley as he played his murderous character. Here are all of the details.

Tati Gabrielle You Interview
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Spoiler alert: Mr. Goldberg eventually scores his library crush, but stealing Marienne's heart proved a wee bit more difficult than his previous targets. "That Marienne is a little harder to fool," Tati told People of her on-screen character. "She's a little bit more clued in and doesn't take very much bulls***, excuse my French. She makes Joe work a little bit harder and is more resistant to him than his previous victims."

But, as we know, she eventually does fall for him. So what was it like creating a convincing connection with Joe? Apparently, it wasn't too hard at all, thanks to Badgley being one of the nice guys. "It wasn't hard building on-screen chemistry with Penn because Penn is the complete opposite of Joe. I would tell him, though, 'You know your eyes change when you turn into Joe?'" Gabrielle revealed.

Penn Badgley You, Season 3
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"Me looking into Penn's eyes is very different than me looking into Joe's eyes. He very much internally turns into a different person," she detailed. "But yeah, it wasn't difficult building that with Penn, despite knowing who Joe is and what Joe is. And that's, I think, what made it all just the easier and smoother to go along, that Penn is just a really wonderful guy."

Tati Gabrielle red flags
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Tati also got real about how she avoids guys who aren't so fantastic when navigating dating IRL. The 25-year-old shared her biggest red flags, so take note. "I think it's a big red flag when men want to take care of you too much, like when they want to spoil you to the nth degree," she said. "When they don't necessarily give you the space or freedom to be independent or self-empowered."

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You Season 3 Cast
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Gabrielle added, "To me, that's a huge red flag, whether it means that he's going to be a psycho like Joe Goldberg or just be super misogynistic or super controlling, I think that's the first of many red flags in that regard."

If you haven't already binged it, make sure to catch that "psycho" Joe Goldberg in the series' latest season on Netflix now.