The 'He's All That' Trailer Is Finally Here!


| LAST UPDATE 08/06/2021

By Georgina White
addison rae new movie
Instagram via @addisonraee

The wait is finally over: the trailer for Addison Rae's upcoming Netflix movie has dropped, and we don't know about you guys, but we sure liked what we saw.

The teaser hit the web late on Wednesday, August 4th, and has spread like wildfire. From YouTube official trailers to Instagram stories from loyal Rae fans, it seemed like this movie was everywhere we looked. And it has certainly upped the hype for the highly anticipated release coming later this month on the 27th. The roughly two-and-a-half-minute clip gave us more than enough to be excited about. From iconic dance scenes to A-lister cameo appearances, the He's All That team really pulled out all the stops.

addison rae netflix trailer
Instagram via @hesallthatmovie

That's right, we finally got a taste of the guest role that Kourtney Kardashian teased for fans back in December. Addison's 42-year-old BFF was shot lounging with the California beach behind her, playing the role of Rae's pal in the movie as well. The trailer also gave us a look at some other faces in the star-studded cast, including Madison Pettis, and of course, Addy's co-star, Tanner Buchanan. So what did Addison have to say in honor of her first Hollywood trailer? Let's just say the 20-year-old TikTok celebrity was full of gratitude.

he's all that trailer
Kevin Mazur/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards / Contributor via Getty Images

"I honestly don’t know how to explain the way I feel watching this," Addison wrote to her 38.6 million followers. "I want to say a special thank you to Mark Waters and R Lee Fleming Jr, Netflix, Miramax, all of the producers, my insanely talented co-stars and every single person on the production who helped bring this film to life." And Rae's loyal fans were feeling just as excited as she was, if not more. In just 10 hours, the trailer was viewed over 3 million times on Instagram, plus nearly 400,000 times on YouTube. Throw it all together, and Rae's got quite the buzz going for this new flick. The Obsessed singer also got some love from her the platform that started it all. "O B S E S S E D," the TikTok account commented. And her loyal collab brand, American Eagle, jumped in. "We can't wait!!!"

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And we can't wait either! Consider our calendars marked... Be sure to check back soon for more Hollywood news...