We Can't Stop Talking About Too Hot to Handle's Second Season


| LAST UPDATE 06/24/2021

By Georgina White
too hot to handle premiere
Instagram via @emilyfayemillerr

As Melinda put it: "Welcome to the party!" Too Hot to Handle came back with a bang. And the release of the first four episodes gave us more than enough to obsess over. Who's who, what's happened so far, and where will this season take us? Lighten up, unbutton your shirt a little bit, and let's get loose.

This year's cast came stacked with serious stunners. Starting us off was Cam, a ripped Lord of the Rings fan from the UK. Next up was Chase the Chaser and Monsieur Marvin from Paris. Coming in after was James Bond and Dolly Parton's love child, Nathan, and Peter, the gym bro from Staten Island. And the ladies did not disappoint either. Carly brought major heat with her Toronto party girl style. We were then introduced to Emily, the part-time model, part-time heartbreaker. And out came Kayla, the bad-boy lover from Florida. Next up was Larissa, the "real-life Elle Woods." And last but not least: Melinda, the queen of sass.

THTH season two premiere
Instagram via @melinda_melrose

And just like last season, we quickly saw that this group of young and eligible singles couldn't keep their hands off of each other for very long. By the end of the first four episodes, there was a major plunge in the prize money. Lana laid down the law and docked the cash down to $68 grand. But that wasn't all. The OG gang of ten got rocked with two new additions to the house. And Christina and Robert immediately ruffled feathers upon arrival.

too hot to handle netflix
Instagram via @carlylawrence_

With Lana threatening to give the boot to two castaways, we're desperate to see what will happen next. So consider us in countdown mode, you guys. But we've got until June 30th to develop our theories and hypotheses. Like, will Melinda and Marvin survive their ups and downs and make it out to the other side?

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We seriously need to know, but their Instagram pages aren't offering any clues. But if the stars' intense chemistry and deep talks serve as any indication, there's hope for them. Make sure to check back with us, as we keep you posted on all your THTH juicy news.