'Twilight''s Edward Cullen Almost Looked Very Differently


| LAST UPDATE 11/04/2022

By Petra Grover
Robert Pattinson Twilight Edward
Jon Furniss/Contributor via Getty Images

Prepare to have your mind blown: apparently, the author of the mega-franchise Twilight did not want Robert Pattinson to take the role of the famous teenager, Edward Cullen. Instead? She wanted Superman himself, Henry Cavill!

Imagine if the Man of Steel had been running through the forest with Bella or playing vampire baseball with his adoptive vampire family. Even though both Cavill and Pattinson are British, it would have been a completely different franchise. Cavill appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, which Josh Horowitz hosts. During the interview, Horowitz was very candid, asking Cavill how he felt when the movie came out and if he knew that Meyer wanted him in the role. The actor replied, “No, not at all, because I didn’t know about the movie. I didn’t know about them wanting to cast me.” Cavill mentioned that he only found out afterward about Meyer wanting him as the vampire Edward Cullen. This was not the only role that Pattinson and Cavill were up against each other for. Cavill was also in the running to play Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Henry Cavill role twilight
Theo Wargo/Staff via Getty Images
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Imagine if Daniel Radcliffe had been competing against Cavill in the Triwizard Tournament! Cavill said about the Potter role, “Yes, I remember that. I definitely auditioned for that one, and I did not get it.” Twilight author Stephanie Meyer wrote back in 2007 on her personal blog, “The most disappointing thing for me is losing my perfect Edward. Henry Cavill is now twenty-four-years-old. Let us have a moment of quiet in which to mourn…” Then she continued, “Okay, moving on. I’m not willing to relinquish Henry completely… I propose that Henry play Carlisle! (Would Henry dare to find out if blondes DO have more fun??)” Cavill joined Horowitz for a live taping of the show in New York City. The Happy Sad Confused podcast is described as getting “nerdy and intimate with the biggest movie stars and filmmakers on the planet.”

It is always crazy to imagine the most iconic roles almost being played by other actors and actresses. Even though he missed out on some of these major roles, it seems like Cavill has been enjoying success regardless. It was recently announced that he would reprise his role as Clark Kent, A.K.A. Superman. We can’t wait to watch him fly!

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