Victoria Pedretti Almost Got a Different Role on 'You'


| LAST UPDATE 10/18/2021

By Chloe Becker
You Season 3, cast
Dia Dipasupil / Staff via Getty Images

Victoria Pedretti plays nutso (and stunning) Love in the hit Netflix series You. But had the actress gotten things her way the first time around, things would look a wee bit different on our screens...

You Love and Joe
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Believe it or not, Pedretti initially tried out for the role of now-murdered sweetheart Beck. "I auditioned for Beck during my first time in LA while I was showcasing with my university. I got pretty far in the audition process. It was the furthest I had ever gotten in an audition process," the actress told Byrdie.

Victoria Pedretti Beck audition

"I didn't really think about it after that. Then, the show came out on Lifetime. I heard some buzz from people who enjoyed the show," she added. And while Victoria was initially rejected by the casting crew, this time around, You's producers sought her out. "By that time, the Haunting of Hillhouse had come out. I was reached out to by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble about You because of the work they saw me do on Hillhouse."

Victoria Pedretti Haunting Hill House
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As for whether they joke about what could have been on set? Pedretti's history with the show hasn't even been acknowledged! "I haven't even talked to them about whether or not they remember me auditioning for Beck, to be honest," Victoria revealed. "But we started having conversations about the show. I was able to meet with Penn Badgley, and the rest is history."

And whatever your thoughts are on the murderous character, the woman who plays Love thinks highly of her. "I thought she was a cool girl and so confident," the 26-year-old shared. "I just imagined the women I knew who were like Love - girls who were so effortless and came off so secure, whether or not they were." But while Victoria rose to fame with roles like Nell on Hill House and her latest gig on You, she's actually not a big fan of horror thrillers.

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Victoria Pedretti Penn Badgley
Instagram via @younetflix

"I'm not drawn to frightening content," she admitted. "I love comedy. I also enjoy shows that mix many genres, which I think is emblematic of life. I've been watching Reservation Dogs, Ted Lasso, and The Crown." "I was going through a hard time, and watching The Crown was so incredible because it was immersive into a world that I had no familiarity with." So, she's gorgeous and relatable? We love a down-to-earth starlet.

BRB - gotta go finish binge-watching You's Season 3.