What To Know About The Boys of Outer Banks

Luna Dawson

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It's safe to say many of us have been scouring Netflix looking for something to binge-watch during Quarantine, and just maybe you've landed on Outer Banks, the new teen drama that has fans crazed.

The show features a break-out cast of several attractive twenty-somethings, but it's impossible not to take a particular interest in the three main heartthrobs, played by Chase Stokes, Rudy Pankow, and Jonathan Daviss.


27-year-old Chase plays the 16-year-old freckled, tan, and long-haired John B. Routledge in the show, and mentioned in an interview with Refinery29 that his childhood near the water in Florida helped prepare him for the role.

He was living on unemployment checks and couldn't even afford an Uber to the audition when he was eventually cast as the lead. Aside from acting, he has a bevy of other talents, including ice hockey, guitar, and writing poetry.


21-year-old Rudy Pankow plays JJ, the reckless-yet-lovable hothead of the group with a mean temper. He grew up in Alaska and had a small role in Netflix's The Politician before landing his role on Outer Banks. He was a dishwasher at The Cheesecake Factory before making it as an actor!


20-year-old Jonathan Daviss is the baby of the group and plays the brains of the operation; the smart and cautious Pope. He revealed to Barstool Sports that he was a shoe salesman as Saks Fifth Avenue before landing his spot on the show.


Rudy and Jonathan were both a part of the first round of auditions for the show and revealed that they hit it off as friends instantly. Johnathan also spilled that he and Rudy have the same taste in women...yikes.