Why Alexandra Cooper Is Now Hosting "Call Her Daddy" By Herself

Luna Dawson

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Call Her Daddy, the wildly popular Barstool Sports podcast formerly run by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklin, just underwent a biiiiiig change, with no lack of drama attached.

In April, the girls stopped dropping the weekly podcast and said they could not yet legally speak about why. It was soon revealed that Alex and Sofia were in the middle of a major contract dispute with Barstool and Barstool CEO, Dave Portnoy.

Alex Cooper (left) and Sofia Franklin (right), co-hosts of Call Her Daddy

In a 40-minute long podcast released last week, Portnoy detailed the drama, claiming that Sofia (with help from her boyfriend, HBO Sports exec Peter Nelson) persuaded Alex into agreeing to ask for several drastic upgrades to their contract to be made, which Portnoy would not agree to.

Portnoy eventually met them in the middle and offered them a deal that Alex was fully on board with, but that Sofia still didn't find satisfactory. Alex decided it was in her best interest to sign the deal without Sofia, who was also her best friend and roommate.


Alex posted a 35-minute video to her YouTube channel on Saturday explaining everything that went down between her and Sofia, and also announced that moving forward, she would be doing the podcast by herself due to the fact that she and Sofia could not agree on a deal.

YouTube/Alexandra Cooper

Within days, Barstool launched merch that read, "Team Alex" and "Cancel Suitman," (the fans' nickname for Peter Nelson).

Sofia has remained mostly silent during the ordeal, but in the newest Call Her Daddy episode, Alex asked fans to please stop cyber-bullying her and leaving mean comments on her page, showing that maybe there's still hope for their friendship.