X-Factor Releases Unseen Footage of One Direction


| LAST UPDATE 07/24/2022

By Peral Simons
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Danny Martindale / Contributor via Getty Images

Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are you caught Liam Payne's explosive interview with Logan Paul at the beginning of June. While there were numerous shocking moments throughout the podcast, one comment, in particular, had the one directioners up in arms. Telling Logan that One Direction had been formed initially around him, the internet has been desperately searching for the truth behind this statement ever since. Now, on the occasion of the band's twelfth anniversary, The X-Factor, the show that made them, is getting involved in the drama. Releasing never seen before behind the scenes footage, they're giving us all the answers...

July 23rd, 2010: it's the date etched in the minds of every One Direction fan. The day the most successful band in pop history was born. But what were the intricate details behind the scenes? How did these five boys get put together? Now, thanks to new X Factor footage, we know. The cameras were rolling as Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, and Louis Walsh debated which combination of solo entry boys would make a money-making dream team.

simon cowell x factor
Yui Mok - PA Images / Contributor via Getty Images
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"Let's do an imaginary boy group instead of just saying, 'no," said Nicole taking Niall Horan's photo and putting him aside as the first member of the potential boy band. The appearance of Harry Style's photo lifted the mood further, as the judges put him alongside Niall. "100% feels right!" commented Cowell. Next, Louis Tomlinson gets added to the band. "Yes! They're the cutest boyband ever!" shouts Nicole. "I love it. The little girls are gonna love them!" 

Now, the moment we've all been waiting for - Liam Payne. "Yes! Absolutely!" Louis Walsh exclaimed as Nicole put him in the boy band column. "I think that he would definitely shine," Nicole noted. "He could maybe actually be the leader." Not convinced, Simon explained that Liam "thinks he's better than anyone else." "Simon, he has the confidence, he's good, he's consistent," Walsh replied. With the four members locked in, the judges sat back and admired their work. "That looks good! I like that," commented Simon before Zayne was the last to be added. "Now that is a good idea, oh my god," Simon gushed about the finished product. "That is the category I want; it's them." Five albums and millions of screaming fans later, the rest, as they say, is 'history'...

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