29+ Times the Younger Versions of Characters Were Perfectly Cast


| LAST UPDATE 01/18/2023

By Christiana Holland

If only we could turn back time. But since we can't, we have to applaud these directors for choosing almost complete doppelgängers to play the younger versions of these actors. We can't imagine the nostalgia on set...

Mckenna Grace & Kiernan Shipka

It's been done before - and Kiernan Shipka and Mckenna Grace reminded us why it still works: They nailed the younger versions of characters in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina perfectly!

Kiernan Shipka Sabrina YoungKiernan Shipka Sabrina Young
Diyah Pera/Netflix/Kobal via Shutterstock/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) via Netflix - IMDb

They each have a distinctive look that makes them stand out, but similar features like hair color, eye shape, and teeth gap are what truly tie them together. Both ladies impressively brought the iconic character alive in their own generation with grace and authenticity. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Tiernan Jones & Tom Holland

Tiernan Jones and Tom Holland are two incredible actors showing up in a ton of amazing projects. But what makes them so perfect for the new Uncharted tv show is their uncanny similarities. Both have blazed through stellar performances as the younger and older version of their character.

Tom Holland Unchartered YoungerTom Holland Unchartered Younger
Unchartered (2022) via Columbia Pictures - IMDb/Sony Pictures Entertainment via YouTube

It's almost as if the director turned back in time and grabbed the younger Tom Holland himself. Their prowess for playing roles beyond their age is truly remarkable, making them the perfect fit. From their jawline to the puppy-dog brown eyes and subtly slicked back chocolate brown hair, Tiernan Jones is Tom Holland in the making.

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Gianni Ciardiello & Penn Badgley

Out of anyone, all there was, was you - Gianni Ciardiello. During the first stages of the series You, starring Penn Badgley, viewers gradually become more aware of Joe Goldberg's past and what makes him the man he is today. Thankfully, we had Ciardiello to help give us the scoop.

Netflix You Joe Goldberg ActorNetflix You Joe Goldberg Actor
You (2018) via Netflix - IMDb

Despite their curly brown hair and deceitful eyes, Ciardiello performed a young Joe to perfection. The actor introduced us to an innocent and playful Joe, while Badgley embodied a sinister and scarred older version. It's really something when even a single glance at either actor was all it took to know who they were playing...

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Lonnie Chavis & Niles Fitch

The casting of Lonnie Chavis and Niles Fitch in This is Us is revolutionary. Not only do they capture the same mannerisms as their adult counterpart, Sterling K. Brown, but they also showcase similar physical features to match character Randall Pearson.

Lonnie Chavis This Is UsLonnie Chavis This Is Us
Rotten Tomatoes TV via YouTube

This is what flashbacks are made of! Chavis has remarkably emulated his older character accurately. Thanks to behind–the–scenes moments with both Lonnie and Niles, fans have recognized how these young stars made sure to maintain identical features. Let’s all appreciate the casting decisions made by This Is Us producers!

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Jaidan Jiron & Hannah Simone

Two sets of talent made waves when they played the sassy Cece on the popular aughts comedy series New Girl, Jaidan Jiron and Hannah Simone. The casting directors were absolute geniuses pairing two sets of stars whose physical similarities were strikingly similar - much to the delight of fans (like us) everywhere.

Cece New Girl Younger VersionCece New Girl Younger Version
MsMojo via YouTube/New Girl (2011) via 20th Television for Fox - IMDb

Not only did they have matching bangs, but Jaidan nailed her part as Simone's younger version. If only there were a younger Schmidt to put the pieces together... All in all, it was a perfect match that allowed viewers to immerse themselves fully in the story and experience their characters in full technicolor. Bravo!

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Bailee Madison & Ginnifer Goodwin

As a fan of Once Upon a Time, it was wild to witness the genius casting of Bailee Madison and Ginnifer Goodwin to portray the same character at different ages. Not only did Bailee portray a perfect depiction of the young and innocent Snow White, but she planted the seed perfectly for Goodwin.

Ginnifer Goodwin Bailee Madison Ginnifer Goodwin Bailee Madison
Once Upon A Time (2011) via American Broadcasting Companies - IMDb/Abc Studios/Kobal via Shutterstock

Talk about the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! Both Madison and Goodwin brought life to Snow's character, proving their joint determination for the role. While their faces are almost identical, we're surprised they're not actually related. Still, they showcased the powerful idea of transformation through perfect casting.

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Tipper Seifert-Cleveland & Emma Stone

Talk about a dream team! Tipper Seifert-Cleveland and Emma Stone had some serious talents to flaunt in the 2021 live-action film Cruella. With Seifert-Cleveland playing the young black and white-haired character, she was a perfect representation of what Emma Stone displayed as the older Cruella.

Cruella Emma Stone Younger ActressCruella Emma Stone Younger Actress
Vudu via YouTube/Disney+/Moviestore via Shutterstock

From their choice of clothing to their confident attitudes, we could see why the creators chose these stars to bring the younger version of Cruella to life. Emma Stone's top-notch performance was complemented by her younger counterpart, making it a real treat for all generations of Disney fans.

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Mckenna Grace & Candice Accola

Mckenna Grace and Candice Accola totally nailed their shared character in The Vampire Diaries! They are both blonde beauties with bubbly, youthful personalities shining through on the show. It’s crazy how much they resemble each other - right down to Mckenna’s bright blue eyes and Candice’s cascading locks.

Vampire Diaries Caroline Younger VersionVampire Diaries Caroline Younger Version
MsMojo via YouTube/The Vampire Diaries (2009) via Outerbanks Entertainment - IMDb

It was almost spooky how the casting was so perfect for these two talented young stars. And we can't help but wonder how bestie Elena Gilbert felt about this - after all, it's like we're seeing double here! Clearly, Hollywood can do more than just CGI work!

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Keilani Arellanes & Alexa Demie

Looking at Keilani Arellanes and Alexa Demie from the hit tv series Euphoria, it's easy to see why casting directors chose them for their roles. Not only because both of them look eerily similar but because they truly embody the character they're both playing.

Euphoria Maddy Alexa Demi YoungerEuphoria Maddy Alexa Demi Younger
Rotten Tomatoes TV via YouTube/ HBO/ Kobal via Shutterstock

It's not easy to find an actress that can mimic the same attitude Demie displays through Maddy Perez. But we didn't doubt Sam Levinson for a second! Keilani resembled Demie's mannerisms and mindset and went above and beyond to channel her inner it-girl. Can season 3 come already? Asking for a friend.

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McCarrie McCausland & Charles Michael Davis

The original TV show The Originals had plenty of perfect casting
choices, but one stands out in particular - McCarrie McCausland as the younger version of the main character Marcel. They both managed to capture the essence of their respective characters by fully embodying them for their short stints on the show!

The Originals Marcel Actor The Originals Marcel Actor
The Originals (2013) via The CW - IMDb

From their fashion choices to their facial expressions, McCausland and Davis gave Marcel a whole new level of realism and relatability that left fans wanting more from these two. While McCausland may have been on screen only briefly, he certainly left a lasting impression.

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Jessica Keenan Wynn & Alexa Davies, Christine Baranski & Julie Walters 

Mamma mia, here we go again! Not only did the first film nail every cast member, but the sequel might have done an even better job. While it's hard to live up to Christine Baranski and Julie Walters' performances as 2/3 of Donna & The Dynamos, their younger versions' casts were more than what we ever could have asked for.

Mamma Mia 2 Tanya RosieMamma Mia 2 Tanya Rosie
Movieclips/Tune - Musical Moments via YouTube

Jessica Keenan Wynn and Alexa Davies were absolutely spot on. While almost identical to their counterparts from the first film, their portrayal as Tanya and Rosie brought an air of freshness yet matched the age-old charm present in the classic film. They pulled it off to perfection with their charismatic performances.

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AnnaSophia Robb & Reese Witherspoon

AnnaSophia Robb and Reese Witherspoon made for an iconic casting in Little Fires Everywhere, the hit miniseries on Hulu. Sure, there are some physical differences between the two - but we can definitely see why this dynamic duo was chosen to play a younger and older version of each other.

Anna Sophia Reese Witherspoon HuluAnna Sophia Reese Witherspoon Hulu
Little Fires Everywhere (2020) via Hulu - IMDb

Despite the blonde bob and matching eyes that could dive into anyone's soul, they both brought their own individual flair that really stood out on-screen. Considering Witherspoon's character, Robb did an excellent job at displaying her younger self, providing the perfect backstory context for every episode.

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Bretton Manley & Mark Wahlberg

These two were made to be thunder buddies! In the half-animated production of Ted, Bretton Manley introduces the film as the younger version of Mark Wahlberg's character, John Bennett. Despite how different they look decades apart, they have an incredible resemblance that can be seen when looking at their expressions.

Ted Mark Wahlberg Younger VersionTed Mark Wahlberg Younger Version
Movieclips/Universal Pictures via YouTube

There aren't many actors out there that possess the same Wahlberg charm, but this kid did a pretty good job at playing the over-excited role. While Wahlberg displayed his iconic comedic timing and famous confidence, his well-matched counterpart, Bretton Manley, gave a shoo-in beginner performance.

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Hunter Dillon & Noah Centineo

Perhaps one of the best Hollywood castings of late has to be Hunter Dillon and Noah Centineo in the Netflix original, To All The Boys I've Loved Before! After all, considering Peter Kavinsky's charm, it didn't take long for us to fall in love with the modern movie heartthrob.

Noah Centineo Netflix TOTBILBNoah Centineo Netflix TOTBILB
Still Watching Netflix/ Netflix via YouTube

Though it was a short and sweet cameo, Hunter portrays a younger version of Noah with looks so similar he could almost pass as a real-life version of the 18-year-old charmer. He flawlessly brings Peter Kavinsky to life, making us invested in his future onscreen relationship with Lara Jean Covey.

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Miya Cech & Ali Wong

From the adorable romantic comedy, Always Be My Maybe, to their recent acting gigs on the small screen, Miya Cech and Ali Wong are two rising stars who were perfectly cast as each other's counterparts. It's no surprise that the throwback scenes could've been mistaken for real vintage footage!

Ali Wong Netflix ComedyAli Wong Netflix Comedy
Still Watching Netflix via YouTube

Not only do they share the same cheeky smile, but it's the black hair, brown eyes, petite frame, and facial features that brilliantly connect the two cast members together with humor and grace. Seriously, Miya Cech and Ali Wong make a perfect pair. Also, Wong does a great job at maintaining that cute and headstrong personality.

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Marsai Martin & Regina Hall

We all know and love Regina Hall. Her charismatic on-screen energy brights up every production she stars in. So, it was only right to cast the same kind of spunky personality to reflect her as a youngster. Marsai Martin did exactly that! Little was right on the money - their sharp wit, confidence, and sass are an easy match.

Regina Hall Younger Version LittleRegina Hall Younger Version Little
Movieclips/ Vudu via YouTube

Fans of the show can truly appreciate how these two worked together to highlight the features that stood out for fans everywhere. Martin and Hall were perfectly cast for their respective characters, owning one’s strength in work environments and embracing their rich identities.

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Christa B. Allen & Jennifer Garner

Christa B. Allen nailed every element of Jenna Rink's time-traveling adventures. Not only does Allen hold an almost exact vintage frame of Garner's face, but from their brown eyes to their smile, we can tell 13 Going on 30's production made an effort to find a young girl who was flirty and thriving!

13 Going On 30 Jenna Rink Young Actress13 Going On 30 Jenna Rink Young Actress
Love Love via YouTube/ Barry Wetcher/Columbia/Tri Star/Kobal via Shutterstock

The casting was so spot-on that it's a testament to how powerful casting is and the value it brings when executing a successful movie or TV series. We can only wonder what the stars brought during the rehearsal process. Young Allen must have fangirled over Garner (just us?)!

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Robert De Niro & Marlon Brando

The towering presence of Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando in the iconic 1974 film The Godfather: Part II is undeniable. Both veteran actors gave captivating performances, but what truly stands out is their uncanny resemblance! Their matching stern and intimidating aesthetic powerfully portray the member of the Corleone family.

De Niro Godfather Younger ActorDe Niro Godfather Younger Actor
The Godfather (1972) via Paramount Pictures Alfran Productions - IMDb/ Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

From the scrunched and bushy eyebrows to the frizzy dark hair, and piercing eyes, De Niro and Brando are perfect examples of the infamous Vito. Such remarkable casting without CGI or advanced technology speaks volumes of the outstanding talent in Hollywood - even during its golden age.

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Thomas Byrne & Jared Leto

Thomas Byrne and Jared Leto have proven to be a perfect match when it comes to the 2009 science fiction movie Mr. Nobody. Not only was Byrne born with Leto's definitive blue eyes, but both obtained features that enabled audiences to connect with their characters' stories in the film.

Mr Nobody Jared Leto YoungerMr Nobody Jared Leto Younger
hollywoodstreams/ Rotten Tomatoes Coming Soon via YouTube

Considering their similar facial expressions, it can be argued that these films always had a lot of success due to their impeccable casting. The duo's quality of acting makes things pretty clear why this younger version pairing was looked upon so favorably by audiences (us included!).

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Nikki Roumel & Brianne Howey

Nikki Roumel and Brianne Howey stunned as younger versions of Georgia in the show Ginny & Georgia. These two stars are the perfect embodiment of their characters. While Roumel brings sparkles to her NYC street-style vibe, Howey provides grace through her vintage looks.

Ginny Georgia Younger Version ActressGinny Georgia Younger Version Actress
Ginny and Georgia (2021) via Netflix - IMDb

It's impossible to ignore how similar these two actors look. Whether it be Roumel's chocolate-colored eyes or Howey's sleek, blonde hair, the resemblances between these two mirror each other almost perfectly. And to be honest, season 3 can't come soon enough!

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Avery Hayes & Kristen Bell

Bell and Hayes both displayed the same chirpy and enthusiastic mannerisms, making for the perfect double for the throwback scenes. Moreover, the casting directors did a great job of finding someone with the same sasssy facial expressions as Bell, matching her goldie-locks aesthetic.

The Good Place Cast EleanorThe Good Place Cast Eleanor
The Good Place (2016) via Netflix - IMDb

While both actresses play different ages of the same character, their incredible chemistry with alternative characters makes it easy to believe that they could be the same individual at various stages of life. Safe to say, the comedy's casting directors have earned a spot in the "good place."

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Hannah Alligood & Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is probably the most unique actress to hit our screens. It must have been hard to find young actresses that displayed the same distinct mannerisms and looks as Hannah Alligood. Both actresses have very similar features, making their transition from one to the other seamless.

Paper Towns Delevingne Younger ActressPaper Towns Delevingne Younger Actress
Paper Towns (2015) via Fox 2000 Pictures - IMDb

With both having unique traits like dark eye frames and full lips, this casting call check marked every box for what made Margot Roth Spiegelman as real as could be. Delevingne even wore braces in her scenes as young Margot to give us even more authenticity! A unique cast for a unique film like Paper Towns.

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Lynnie Greene & Bea Arthur

There was limited space to find someone as iconic as Bea Arthur. Arthur not only adorned the classic TV series, Golden Girls, but she had distinct mannerisms and characteristics that only Lynnie successfully fulfilled. When it came time for their young(er) versions to be cast, the production team knocked it out of the park.

Golden Girls Cast Younger VersionsGolden Girls Cast Younger Versions
Golden Girls (1985) via Touchstone Television - IMDb / Moviestore via Shutterstock

Lynnie and Bea had similar features, which made them a perfect match when recreating the younger version of Dorothy Zbornak. With such small details that literally left us amazed, the crew secured two actors who represent two incredible icons - the younger and the older Dorothy!

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Colin Ford & Jared Padalecki

Ford was cast as young Sam Winchester in Supernatural, and the casting couldn't have been better. Despite the classic Justin Bieber swoosh haircut, they both possess strong facial features that are similar enough to create consistency between scenes - but different enough that viewers can tell this is the young Padalecki.

Supernatural Cast Younger VersionSupernatural Cast Younger Version
Supernatural (2005) via Warner Bros. Television - IMDb

They nail the mannerism for the brooding, troubled teenager fantasy and make it incredibly convincing, especially as we are familiar with the rebellious Winchester. It's impossible to ignore their similarities but also their big differences. It really makes us appreciate how hard everyone works to bring on-screen characters to life.

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Vivien Lyra Blair & Carrie Fisher

It was a match made in heaven when Vivien Lyra Blair was cast to play a young Princess Leah in Obi-Wan Kenobi. While Carrie Fisher was the origin of the Star Wars Princess, she painted the picture of whatever future cast may be brought to our screen. Thankfully, there were a few perfect candidates.

Star Wars Cast Carrie Fisher Star Wars Cast Carrie Fisher
Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) / Star Wars - A New Hope (1977) via Lucasfilm - IMDb

Although world-famous actress Fisher doesn’t need any introduction, up-and-coming star Blair proved her mettle with her portrayal of the iconic Princess. With striking similarities, such as their piercing eyes and strong jawlines, it is amazing to see history literally repeating itself. Just look at those little space buns!

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Raphael Luce & Jamie Campbell Bower

All of our Stranger Things fans already know who this next guy is: Raphael Luce and Jamie Campbell Bower were both cast to play the breakout star of this season. And not only were their mannerisms in sync, but their physical features also helped them seamlessly transition into their respective roles without much difficulty.

Stranger Things Henry ActorStranger Things Henry Actor
BrainPilot via YouTube

And with matching sinister voices, the duo's overall performances as a young and old Harry left us stunned. Just when we thought the residents of Hawkins couldn't get any more complex, the season 4 character proved us wrong. Safe to say, we'll definitely be tuning into season 5...

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Ian Nelson & Tyler Hoechlin

Growing up in the 2000s, Teen Wolf fans have been lucky enough to experience two incredible renditions of Derek Hale as both Ian Nelson and Tyler Hoechlin. The duo shares an undeniably similar look, from their defined facial structure to glimmering green eyes and messy dark locks.

Teen Wolf Reboot Cast DerekTeen Wolf Reboot Cast Derek
Teen Wolf (2011) via MTV - IMDb

We can tell why they were cast for the same role as they both acquire that same devilish aesthetic - give or take a little CGI editing. Still, Nelson's amazing performances brought the show to life, providing realistic context to Hale's character, and brilliantly capturing his charismatic teen angst.

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Lulu Wilson & Elizabeth Reaser

The only thing scarier than The Haunting of Hill House is the resemblance between Lulu Wilson & Elizabeth Reaser! Wilson was cast to play the younger version of Reaser's character, Shirley Crain. Wilson's incredible flashback performance was down to her mimicked worried eyes and unmatched bounced curls.

Haunting Of Hill House Shirley Haunting Of Hill House Shirley
IMDb via YouTube/Still Watching Netflix via YouTube

From her impressive acting skills to similar facial features, Wilson fits the bill perfectly. Her eerily commanding presence and thoughtful performance was impressive. Not to mention, she held the same mature mindset, allowing an easier transition between flashbacks and the present, establishing how much effort Wilson put into the role.

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Lilly Aspel & Gal Gadot

We've been thinking about Lilly Aspel and Gal Gadot a lot lately, especially when it comes to their incredible performances in Wonder Woman 1984. While both portrayals are powerful, confident, and have the grace to bring justice to the world, they are both individually beautiful, talented, and inspiring beyond what can be written in words.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman CastGal Gadot Wonder Woman Cast
Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) via Warner Bros. - IMDb

Watching them come together in one character as Lilly shimmers on screen to become Gal was mesmerizing. It is amazing how similar they look while remaining individual. As far as we're concerned, the casting directors of this production are the real heroes here.

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Summer Fontana & Sophie Turner

Jean Grey is a LEGEND! From her younger self, played brilliantly by Summer Fontana, to her teenage self, masterfully portrayed by Sophie Turner, Jean Grey captures the complexities of a woman's journey from childhood to adulthood. Considering their matching vibrant and auburn hair, Fontana captured the aesthetic immediately.

sophie turner got youngersophie turner got younger
X-Men Dark Phoenix (2019) via 20th Century Fox - IMDb

As Gray is a human of superstrength, the timid character Fontana displays only sets up a theme of suspense, perfectly allowing Turner to emphasize her character even further. What a duo! Through emotionally charged scenes, they both take Dark Phoenix viewers on an unforgettable journey of love, loss, and understanding our inner demons.

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