Amazon Has Just Taken Holiday Shopping to the Next Level


| LAST UPDATE 12/08/2021

By Genevieve Scott
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Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means - holiday shopping has officially commenced. But this year, leave the stress behind as we reveal the online shopping hack you never knew you needed: Amazon's "Personal Shopper." Intrigued? Hang on while we break down everything we know about their game-changing feature...

Let's start at the beginning: You already know Amazon is all about customer satisfaction. What you (probably) didn't know, though, is that the one-click shopping destination has officially just upped the ante. As of last year, Amazon Prime members can now access their very own personal shopper. Yes, really. But forget what you may have heard, this personal stylist won't cost you the big bucks...

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Well, how does it work? This holiday season, as you make your way to Amazon to do what you do best, the shopping hub will already be 10 steps ahead of you: Thanks to "a combination of technology innovation and a human touch," as Amazon themselves explained, they'll have a selection of options waiting for you in your cart; "thousands of brands to fit your style and budget for various occasions."

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Sound almost too good to be true? We've got Santa's little helpers to thank for this one: Amazon's Personal Shopper feature consists of talented "fashion stylists [that] come from varied backgrounds... trained to select items and styles based on fit, color, styling, seasonal and current trends." And there really is no catch - so long as you're a Prime member, you've got the "in."

Simply create a profile, detail any specific requests, and sit back as Amazon does the rest. Within a matter of hours, you'll already have carefully curated picks ready for you, awaiting your approval. From there? You'll get a 7-day trial period to try on your haul at home and return what you don't like. That's right - affordable, reliable, and risk-free. Need we say more?

So what are you waiting for? Pop on over to Amazon now and let the shopping wizards help make the most wonderful time of the year that much more wonderful!

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