Breaking Down the Fashion at the Royal Coronation


| LAST UPDATE 05/07/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Kate Royal Coronation Fashion
LEON NEAL / Contributor via Getty Images

The recent royal coronation ceremony was not just a celebration of a new monarch. It was a fashion extravaganza teeming with symbolism. Let's dive into the outfits of the day...

Queen Camilla wore a stunning white silk gown embroidered with silver and gold wildflowers. These were a nod to her and Prince Charles's love for the British countryside. The dress also had roses, thistles, daffodils, and shamrocks that represented the four nations of the United Kingdom. Princess Catherine, who will soon be the queen, wore a gorgeous white gown by Alexander McQueen. It also had the same flowers as Queen Camilla's dress. She paired her dress with a crystal-and-silver floral headpiece, and earrings that once belonged to Princess Diana. Can you imagine wearing earrings that belonged to a princess? Talk about royal fashion heaven! But the royals' outfits were not the only focus of the day. The American first lady, Jill Biden, donned a sky blue suit, gloves, and a bow by Ralph Lauren. Lauren's fashion empire is inspired by Americana and a fantasy of old England, so it was a perfect match! Dr. Biden also brought her granddaughter, who wore a daffodil yellow caped dress by Markarian. They looked like the Ukrainian flag!

Camilla Charles Coronation fashion
LEON NEAL / Contributor via Getty Images
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Even the littlest royal family member, Princess Charlotte, had a part to play in the outfit coordination for the coronation ceremony? She wore a white McQueen dress with a silver trim that was a perfect match for her mother's dress and headpiece. It may seem like a coincidence, but these outfit choices are essential visual communication skills, and Catherine has mastered them. She knows that color-coordinating outfits not only looks great but also suggests unity within a family that could use the messaging. This is what we call "Pantone politics."

So all in all, the recent royal coronation ceremony was an exciting fashion display that's hard to forget! Outfits may seem like just clothes, but they have a lot to say about the people who choose them. From Queen Camilla's dress to Jill Biden's suit, every outfit choice had a vast depth of meaning that spoke to the rich history and traditions of the British monarchy.

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