A Cultural Reset: Peplums Are Officially Back


| LAST UPDATE 12/31/2022

By Christiana Holland
Peplum Fashion Y2K Comeback
Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

If you're old enough to remember the flared-out tube tops, then get ready to be hit with major nostalgia. In recent occasions, we have seen the Y2K fashion iconic statement make a comeback. The half-shirt, half-skirt style dominated every attire, and now, it seems like industries are reminiscing on its fashion value. Let's take a look.

We can only remember the best of the best fashion statements throughout the 2000s. It was all about the Paris Hilton-inspired sunglasses, platform sandals, juicy couture tracksuits, mini skirts, cargo pants, and uggs. There was no doubt that these pieces would turn a few heads in public. That being said, we're not surprised every single on these garments has already made its comeback. The latest generation of Gen Z has unwillingly demanded a cultural reset, and trends have caught on pretty quickly. With the help of social media and outfit hauls, it was only natural to copy and paste the outfits we once loved. However, one particular clothing design is creeping its way back into our lives, one that has been stored away in the back of our memories. But now, please give another warm welcome to peplums.

Y2K Peplum Comeback Deepika
Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images
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According to Vogue, the peplum is best described as "a flared, gathered, or pleated piece of fabric at the waist of a garment." In earlier years, the peplum became every fashion brand's muse, specifically in 2010. In Lanvin's spring 2010 collection, ruffled cocktail dresses walked so the peplum could run. It was a design that blew the minds of audience members all over. Then, again in 2011, Jil Sander's spring show teased the industry with peplum t-shirts and floor-length skirts, while Alexander McQueen hopped on the trend in 2012 with their spring collection, applying the peplum on the waist of "structural suits." Fast forward ten years, and Givenchy, Dior, and Prabal Gurung have designed modern adaptations of the Y2K trend. In May 2022, the peplum made its re-debut at the Canne Film Festival, configurated into a Louis Vuitton gown worn by Deepika Padukone. Then, Euphoria's sweetheart, Sydney Sweeney, adored the HCA TV Awards red carpet in August, wearing a vintage Mugler dress that seemed a ruffle too similar. Although now designers have toned it down to more of a subtle flare, there are no words to describe this revival. Just us?

So now that we've given a few examples of inspiration, do you think you could take on the peplum once again? Considering this resurgence of designs was custom-made, it's unwritten whether we will see the peplum back in our favorite stores very soon. Until then, you have time to decide. Check out which Y2K fashion statements have made a comeback here!

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