Dadcore Is Back in Full Effect


| LAST UPDATE 12/16/2022

By Abby Wall
Birkenstocks Dadcore Look
Instagram via @instoceane

The dadcore aesthetic is here to stay. Although we might not immediately associate our dad's closets as "cool" or "trendy," there is probably a few items in there that would be considered pretty stylish at the moment. From joggers to button-down shirts, trousers, and New Balances, maybe dads were onto something all along. In honor of this ongoing trend, we're here to give you the top shoe styles defining the dadcore aesthetic at the moment.

It's time to trade in those sky-high stilettos for Adidas Samba sneakers because, apparently, they're interchangeable now. That's right. Whoever decided that 2022 was all about comfortable style deserves a big fat gold star. All the "it girls" on the block have been rocking the soccer-inspired Adidas Samba, a shoe we have most definitely seen dad wear more than once. The girlies are pairing these sneaks with simple everyday fits or taking them out for a night on the town with a LBD and leather trench.

dadcore hailey bieber style
Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images
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Another sneaker brand that has definitely been a staple in your dad's closet since the '90s is New Balances. The 550s and 990s are a must-have for any fashion-forward person's closet, and we're styling them pretty closely to how dad was. Pair the sneak with a chunky sock and sweatpants and tie the outfit with a matching sweatshirt and baseball cap. However, if you're looking for something you can just slide on, a must-have for this season are the Boston Clogs from Birkenstock (if you can even get your hands on a pair). Pair them with a funky sock and denim, or check out the shearling-lined versions to keep your toes extra warm this winter season.

For those that are looking for straight comfort, you're in luck because Ugg boots are here to stay. Although the shoe was popularly seen in the early 2000s, it seems as if they have had a full-on revival this year. Although the shoe is popular in all of its variations ATM, from mini to tall, the most popular (and most difficult to get) are the Ugg platform boots. However, some of our fav it girls, have also been rocking the Tasman Ugg, the shoe that crosses over the traditional mule with a comfortable slipper. Could it get any better than that? I think not.

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