Eloise-Inspired Plazacore: A New TikTok Trend


| LAST UPDATE 02/02/2023

By Petra Grover
Plazacore Fashion TikTok Trend
@cheyannesorelle via Instagram

TikTok has revolutionized fashion in the past couple of years, and the latest fad to burst onto the scene is... plazacore. Plazacore was inspired by Eloise, the iconic children's book character who calls the Plaza Hotel home! Ring a bell? Keep scrolling.

It's all about looking preppy AF - think polka dots, tights, and cardigans that give a nod to The Great Gatsby era of dressing up. Our feeds have been flooded by gen-z influencers showing off their #plazacore fits - and it's super inspiring! But should you hop on this trend? Only if you want to look as classic as Eloise! It may feel like we've gone back in time to the days of Blair Waldorf sashaying through the halls of Constance Billard School, but don't be fooled—this preppy look is totally 2023-approved. Bell-sleeve blazers paired with pleated skirts and satin hair bows? We stan a classic. And even though this IT girl trend feels reminiscent of Gossip Girl, you'd much rather wear your collared shirts with slim-fit jeans than designer gowns anyway. Of all the trends that 2023 has to offer, Blair Waldorf's fashion legacy is one we can get behind with style.

Plazacore Fashion Tiktok Trend
@isabellalara_xx via Instagram
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If you're looking for major inspo to get the Plazacore aesthetic, then influencers like @prettylittlefawn and @thesandraduran on TikTok are here to show you the way. From green screens to actually popping into bougie lobbies - these creators will take you through all the steps necessary to become a Plazacore queen or king. No need to actually live on the Upper East Side to live up this new fashion trend. Groovy girlies, ready to have a blast? Plazacore is in, and it's not just some obscure fad—all the major designers and fashion brands we know and love are jumping on board!

This season, ransack your grandma's wardrobe for those vintage tweeds; you don't have to be an influencer to rock this trend! Bling out those pearls, pull up the Peter Pan collar - it's time to own that "old-new" look. In other words... Eloise is officially everywhere!

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