Enormous Shoes Are Taking Over Fashion


| LAST UPDATE 09/27/2023

By Amelia Taylor
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Big shoes are back, and they're bigger than ever. From chunky sneakers to platform sandals, these oversized kicks are taking over the fashion world. Over the past few months, a new fashion trend has emerged: bulbous, cartoonish boots. These boots, which look like they could have jumped out of a video game, have been seen on celebrities and fashionistas alike.

The trend started on the runway, with designers like Balenciaga and Gucci sending models down the catwalk in massive shoes. But it's not just the high fashion world embracing the trend. Big shoes are now seen on everyone from celebrities to street-style stars. One of the most popular versions of the movement is the Big Red Boot, created by Brooklyn-based brand MSCHF. The Big Red Boot is a puffy, ankle-high boot that resembles an upside-down mushroom. It has been worn by celebrities such as Janelle Monáe and Lil Nas X and has sold for four times its retail price on resale sites. Another popular version of the trend is the MSCHF x Crocs boot, which is a yellow perforated boot that was recently revealed at Paris Fashion Week. This boot is expected to be just as covetable as the Big Red Boot despite its $450 price tag.

Crocs Big Shoes Yellow
Prince Williams via Getty Images
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So, what is the appeal of these cartoonish boots? Fashion loves an uncanny shoe, one that subverts traditional ideas of beauty. These boots are also a way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. As fashion editor Dal Chodha said, "These boots laugh in the face of sensible shoes; they point the finger at every single one of us who double-taps, tries on, lusts after a pair."


first ever unpacking of the MSCHF X CROCS boots

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These boots are not meant to be practical or comfortable; they're meant to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. And, boy, does it work. As trend analyst Sabrina Faramarzi says, "It is 100% Baudrillard's hyperreal in action." The big red boots are indeed a representation of reality, but they're also an exaggeration of it. They're cartoonish and absurd, challenging our traditional notions of beauty. The only question left to ask is: are you willing to give the shoes a try?

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