An Expert's Guide On Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall


| LAST UPDATE 09/21/2023

By Petra Grover
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Agafonova Photo via Pexels

This week, we are officially transitioning into fall. That summer flew by, didn’t it? As we gear up for colder weather, but temperatures still haven’t entirely fallen, here are some expert tips on how to style your transitional fall wardrobe.

Melissa Garcia is a stylist who has corresponded with some of the biggest names on television. She’s worked with Today, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, and many more. She shared some of her best tips and tricks for this upcoming season on the Today show. So, let’s get started! One aspect of your outfit that can use a bit of a refresh is not what you may think it is - your sneakers. After wearing them for a few seasons, it may be time for an updated look. Fall is the perfect time to purchase a new pair of kicks. Garcia recommends a more muted, classic look that can be paired with any type of outfit. A more laid-back shoe also ties up the perfectly cool street-style look. She also suggests adding wide-leg trousers to your wardrobe. It adds an elevated look, and they can be dressed up or down depending on your needs.

Melissa Garcia autumn fashion
@melissagarciastyling via Instagram
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With constant weather changes, fall can be tricky to dress for. That’s why Garcia recommends layering. It is basically necessary for this time of year. One of the best ways to layer is with a cozy cardigan. Garcia says it is “the ultimate fall layering piece.” Not only can it be thrown over tees with jeans and cute boots, but it can also be worn over summer maxi dresses. This way, you can still use some of those cute pieces you bought during the summer. We love the forward-thinking! What about the best part of dressing up? Accessorizing! Garcia also has tips for what trends we’ll see this upcoming season. She suggests buying silver jewelry. It’s more laidback than gold and looks good on most skin types. Plus, it helps make every look effortlessly chic.

We hope that these tips have been helpful in planning out how to transition into your fall wardrobe. If you want more info on how to style your wardrobe, check out Garcia’s Instagram.

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