Check Out These Trends Before Summer Ends


| LAST UPDATE 07/28/2022

By Christiana Holland
Alexia Umansky Summer Fashion
@alexiaumansky via Instagram

From Daisy Dukes to bikinis on top, we have had decades of different summer fashion trends. Summer doesn't have to be expensive - as it's all about what we do with our style. Whether it's the finest beachwear from Revolve or the perfect ripped jeans from T.J. Maxx, it can be easily transformed into the perfect summer look. This year, some serious fashion trends have fallen into our shopping bags. So, let's take a look!

With June passing fast and August just around the corner, the sun-kissed tans should be glowing right now. While a tan goes with just about anything, hot pink, in particular, has hopped on the fashion wagon. What used to be the dominant color of the 2000s, we are entering a "Barbiecore" era because bright colors are back! While Valentino expressed his passion for pink during Couture Fashion Week, model, Chanel Iman, advises to wear a more "laid back" outfit and pair it with a bold accessory. But it's not just hot pink. Neon colors are everywhere, bringing back a 90s flare to fashion. As far as crochet goes, we can't say no to more mesh. The "openwork" of this perfect design works excellent for a poolside cover-up and is easily achievable without the big labels and high prices, making an effortless attempt look glamorous.

Hot Pink Summer Fashion
@ngit.zh via Instagram
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Slip into "flirty florals" this summer - whether it's a slip dress or a "sunfed" slip dress, this is the perfect eye-catcher. Though we can't go wrong with a little black dress, no matter the season, floral prints are perfect for the day and the evening. As the sun slowly sets, it's easier to get away with daytime chic. Add a cardigan to keep the outfit going even after sundown. If hot pink wasn't nostalgic enough, celebs are settling into low-rise bottoms. Whether it's jeans, trousers, or a midi-skirt, outfits can be "styled correctly" to fit everyone's preference and body shape. Accentuate confidence by adding a "Cuban belly chain." With different lengths, designs, and styles, the body accessory is perfect over a bikini or on top of a pair of baggy jeans! Hailey Bieber, ahead of the fashion game as always, slipped into this one last year.

Before we cozy down into our Winter onesies, we must take advantage of our summer wardrobe as much as possible. Though there are summer trends, it's more than okay to be original, as long as we feel most confident. Different styles are something that is trending all the time. So, take these fashion trends and make them your own!

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