Several Fashion Giants Are Dropping Ye – But Not Adidas


| LAST UPDATE 10/25/2022

By Christiana Holland
Adidas Kanye West Anti-Semetic
Edward Berthelot/GC Images via Getty Images

If you've made social media rounds lately, then you might already be aware of the recent events surrounding Mr. West. Ye recently had a social media outburst, crossing a line that created heightened controversy with other users on the platform. Since then, many fashion brands have decided to drop the rapper from future collaborations - but not Adidas...

For those unaware - in early October, Ye went under fire for an offensive Tweet which was quickly deleted from the platform. Most social media users, activists, and stars did not turn a blind eye to the situation. Chris Cuomo, ABC News, began by inviting Ye in the hope that he could explain his choice of words. However, his justification was not enough - not even close. To add to the situation, British broadcaster Piers Morgan also invited Ye to speak on his uncensored talk show via video call. Yet, to many users' surprise, Ye failed to make justifiable excuses for his actions. After back-and-forth arguments and cutting each other off mid-sentence, brands closely associated with Ye finally had enough and took action. Balenciaga, who has been working with Ye since 2014, has dropped the rapper, while Vogue's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, has stated the magazine has "no intention" of working with him in the future, according to Page Six Style. However, one brand has been hesitant with its actions.

Anna Wintour Vogue Kanye
Jeff Vespa for CFDA/Vogue via Getty Images
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The German multinational corporation, and multi-billion sportswear brand, Adidas, has not yet confirmed anything regarding their partnership with the rapper. According to Vanity Fair, their "distribution deal of Kanye's Yeezy line was under review." What seems to be an irrefutable matter, Adidas is under pressure to act quickly. Though people are wondering what is taking so long. According to CNBC, the Anti-Defamation League has "urged" Adidas to drop the artist's shoewear immediately. However, they have disturbingly continued to promote and sell Ye's new products from his brand, seemingly overlooking the stimulating and damaging comments. Although, it has had some effect as the hashtag #BoycottAdidas was already trending over the weekend. For any movement, there is expected controversy. However, for someone who calls himself a 'genius,' his controversial comments seen by his 18.2 million followers have an impact on the latter. In a recent clip, Ye expressed his confidence in Adidas to continue their relationship, claiming, "Adidas can't drop me."

For almost a month now, Ye has been in an ongoing feud just about everyone. And for the majority who refuse to see eye-to-eye with the rapper, several companies have ended their relationship with Ye to avoid any further negative affiliations. Stay tuned while this story develops...

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