Gold and Silver Jewelry Can Be Worn Together, Here's How


| LAST UPDATE 09/14/2022

By Peral Simons
Mixed Metal Jewelry style
@evelynbebek via Instagram

It's an age-old belief in the fashion industry that jewelry of different metals should not be worn together. For example, if you're wearing silver earrings, don't pair them with a gold necklace. Or, if you're stacking up your rings, stick with just gold or silver. But in a modern-day world, where traditional rules have been thrown to the side in most aspects of life, this styling myth needs to be abandoned too. We're here to declare that gold and silver can certainly be worn together, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Here are some of our favorite approaches...

One way to seamlessly mix metals is to layer up the same type of jewelry in gold and silver. Next time you're stacking your rings or layering your necklaces, put a gold piece and silver piece directly on top of each other. This direct contrast will help to emphasize their different textures, providing interesting breaks between the pieces.

Gold Silver Layered Necklace
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Another trick that is just as beautiful is to go wild, mixing and matching whatever you find in your jewelry box, no matter what category or metal they are. Gold necklace with silver earrings and gold bracelet? No problem! It works! The one thing you might want to keep in mind throughout is balance. Although it might sound practical to balance out the silver and gold equally, visually, it often makes more sense to go heavier with the gold. As silver is brighter and more visually apparent than gold, less of it will better balance out the gold. On that note, the asymmetrical approach can work well when selecting pieces, going for a majority of one metal and adding a few pops of the other. Of course, take into account your mood and outfit to make a case-by-case decision.

Sometimes, one piece of jewelry will incorporate both gold and silver within its design. For example, don a gold-chained necklace with a silver pendant, and the work is all done for you! If you're scared to take the plunge and mix metals, choosing one lace color for all pieces can help bring it all together and create a more 'matching' look. In conclusion, have fun! There really are no rules!

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