Good American Debuts All-Pink Collection


| LAST UPDATE 09/07/2022

By Peral Simons
kardashian good american barbiecore
@khloekardashian via Instagram

We know the drill by now. The Kardashians tell us something is in style, and we flock to the stores to purchase it. It's understandable considering their incredible fashion and beauty empire, monopolizing everything from shapewear to jeans. With the recent release of the Good American Pop Off Pink collection, its CEO Khloe Kardashian is sending us a clear, cut message - pink is back. One look at the line, and it's abundantly clear you can never wear too much pink! Here's everything to know about this exciting moment in fashion.

Putting a hot pink spin on every one of the brand's iconic inclusive styles, the line's release seems to be perfectly aligned with the current #Barbiecore phenomenon. Ever since the Barbie movie was announced, every brand and influencer appears to be jumping on the pink bandwagon. Khloe, however, told Elle she had predicted the trend ahead of time, beginning the creative process on the line long before Barbiecore came around. "When we started seeing everything else coming into play, I was like, "Yes! Okay, we're on the right page. I've always been a big fan of pink."

Khloe Kardashian Fashion Barbiecore
@khloekardashian via Instagram
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On that note, Khloe admitted that she is happy about the rise of Barbiecore, defending her love for the color. "It adds vibrancy and life to the normally all-black wardrobe people gravitate to in the fall," she said. "It's such an Elle Woods thing to say, but it really does make you happy! I'd say it speaks to my soul." As for the collection itself, Khloe rationalized her decision to stray away from traditional fall colors and patterns. "I think everyone's excited to have some variety for fall. I know it's still hot everywhere, so I think it's a fun transitional color."

Not ready to go full-pink mode? Khloe shared her tips for slowly introducing the color into your wardrobe. "I love the all-pink look, but it can get overwhelming if you're not comfortable going full Barbie girl, so you can do a pop of pink if you want to be a little trendy but aren't comfortable going head-to-toe. You can mix and match, or you could be all monochromatic," she explained. Of course, there are no rules to fashion, so do what makes you feel comfortable and have fun with it! Shop the collection here

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