Grammy’s Red-Carpet Teases New Color Trend


| LAST UPDATE 04/11/2022

By Peral Simons
Chrissy Teigen, Pink Trend
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images

One quick look at the photos from the Grammys red carpet, and it's not much of a guessing game to work out what this season's new 'it' color is. Hot pink dominated the red carpet in a way never seen before. From beanies to blazers, the celebs incorporated it into their looks in every way imaginable, and the cameras and crowds loved it. So how did this all begin, and how can you make the look work for you without the help of a celebrity stylist? We've got you covered.

Many are crediting Valentino for hot pink's recent surge in popularity as they debuted an entirely hot pink collection at the Fall/Winter 2022 fashion show and instantly triggered a google search spike for the color. In addition to this, the runway and room matched, making it very clear what they deemed to be the 'it' color of the season. This included dresses, bags, suits, and even tights - they showed off the versatility of the color, ensuring there is something to suit everyone's personal styles. "More than just a PR stunt, Valentino's unveiling of its exclusive shade of Pantone pink during Fashion Week was a flash of genius," Taylor Tomasi Hill, creative and fashion director of AI shopping platform The Yes, told Put simply, the color turns heads with its loud nature, so what better look for an award show where standing out from the crowds can often be a challenge?

Valentino 2022 Runway Pink
Peter White via Getty Images
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While Chrissy Teigen, Billy Porter, and Saweetie opted for full-on hot-pink floor-length dresses, other celebrities went in for a more minimalist approach with a simple hot pink accessory. Justin Bieber paired his oversized monochrome suit with a pink beanie, and Travis Barker adorned a long pink jacket over his otherwise black outfit. The color, which has in the past been mistakenly associated with feminine vibes, has now overcome toxic masculinity standards and reached the wardrobes of all humans, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

So how to make this color work for our everyday, no red-carpet lives? You'll be happy to hear all our favorite stores have joined in on the fashion moment. Zara, in particular, has incorporated the color into their recent collections, from spring basics to wedding guest attire; they're quickly proving that hot pink works for every occasion.

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