Your Guide To The Perfect Workout Attire


| LAST UPDATE 07/21/2022

By Lia Thomson
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There are endless different types of exercise out there - from HIIT classes to pilates, yoga, running, strength training, and more. Each one is very different than the next. And that means that the types of clothes worn for these workouts should be different. Here's the ultimate guide to knowing what kind of outfit to wear to each class.

When it comes to HIIT training, expect to be walking out drenched in sweat. This goes for spinning classes, boot camps, Crossfit, and more. It's best to opt for sweat-resistant fabrics for workouts that are going to get your heart pumping and your muscles working. Similarly, when going on a run (especially in this summer heat), these fabrics will work wonders. But definitely choose a sports bra and biker shorts, so your body has the freedom to keep running without any fabrics in your way, so you reach as many miles as you please. And don't forget to always wear comfortable and supportive sneakers so as not to injure yourself! A white or black pair is probably best since it will match most outfits. 

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Recently pilates has been all the rage, from influences to celebrities claiming this low-impact workout has transformed their bodies. So now that everyone has hopped on the bandwagon, what are people wearing to a reformer pilates class? Obviously a cute matching set! Any color, any design, or any length will be acceptable. But for those who don't wanna walk around in a sports bra, choose a fitted top over a loose tank so that you can make sure your form is on point. Just don't forget to wear your grip socks, so you don't slip off the machine. And, of course, a hair tie - a necessary staple to pull your hair back, because who wants a face full of hair when getting in those crazy positions?! 

Those of us who prefer to focus on the breath and bringing zen into ourselves are probably going to yoga classes. For this type of activity, we'd recommend wearing a very comfortable sports bra and leggings, but be sure to check that the fabric is not constructive because we need our flexibility to be able to get into poses like downward dog and pigeon pose. Check out Alo for some great options. 

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