Harper Beckham Channels Mom's Style with Vintage LV Bag


| LAST UPDATE 07/31/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Victoria Harper Beckham fashion
Marc Piasecki / Contributor via Getty Images

Who wouldn't love to have Victoria Beckham's wardrobe at their fingertips? Well, her daughter Harper Beckham is living this dream. The 12-year-old fashionista is making us all a bit jelly with her style choices straight from her mom's iconic collection.

Recently, Harper was spotted at an Inter Miami CF soccer game looking every bit the mini-me of her Spice Girls' mom. She was hanging out with model Karlie Kloss, music legend P Diddy, and even took a picture with singer Camila Cabello. Her outfit was a throwback to the Y2K era that would have fit right in during Victoria's pop star days. Harper sported her mom's vintage Louis Vuitton handbag - a discontinued 'Takashi Murakami Monogram Pochette Accessoires Shoulder Bag' that can fetch up to a cool £2k on the second-hand market these days. Talk about carrying a piece of fashion history! Her outfit was an ode to the 2000s - baggy light-wash jeans paired with a pastel blue bodysuit, topped off with a cute butterfly pendant necklace. It was like stepping into a time machine back to when most of us were rocking similar looks - minus the expensive bag, of course!

Harper Victoria Beckham style
Marc Piasecki / Contributor via Getty Images
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Harper has been seen flaunting this designer arm candy before. She brought it along for her parents' wedding anniversary celebration at a family dinner. Victoria shared snaps from the soccer game on Instagram, gushing over the fantastic night and the 4-0 win for Inter Miami CF. The post was flooded with comments from fans who couldn't get enough of Harper's adorable picture with Camila Cabello. One fan wrote: "Camila and Harper photo is the cutest," while another added: "Victoria and Camila in one frame!!!! My girl group heart is so happy!!!"

The youngest Beckham, who used to be a tomboy kicking around a football with her brothers, is now following in her mom's fashionable footsteps. Harper's taste for designer brands is also blooming. She donned a Christian Dior T-shirt for an Instagram photo with her mom, likely a vintage piece from one of John Galliano's early 2000s collections. Victoria herself has worn the iconic 'J'adore Dior' tee in the past. So, it seems like Harper is not just borrowing her mom's clothes but also her timeless sense of style. Watch out world, there's a new fashion icon in the making!

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