Highlights of Haute Couture Week 2022


| LAST UPDATE 07/11/2022

By Christiana Holland
Anne Hathaway Valentino Show
Photo by Ernesto Ruscio via Getty Images

Whether it's considered style or a hot mess, there's no shame in the fashion game when it comes to Haute Couture Week. July decided to shock the world, bringing a new level of fashion flexibility to pop culture fan. A series of controversial yet stunning looks were put together in Paris and Italy. From July 3rd to July 7th, designers connected with their top clients, from TV personalities to Oscar-winning actors, for fashion innovation.

Like the Met Gala, top designers like Balenciaga and Valentino are assigned celebrities as their muses, styling them in couture, "exclusive by definition." During Paris Haute Couture Week, there are variations of inspirations, and with no surprise, Kim Kardashian, a top client of Balenciaga, stunned Paris all week. From wearing lime green camouflage to velvet jumpsuits, Kim represented her close relation with Balenciaga with a pop culture twist, and this time, taking her daughter North under her wing alongside her. As well as taking inspiration from Madonna's 90's pinstripe, the mother-daughter dynamic duo rocked it with nose chain couture at the Jean-Paul Gaultier show. Other fashion A-listers, including Dua Lipa and Christine Quinn, took part in the Balenciaga live show alongside Nicole Kidman, who made her runway debut.

Nicole Kidman Fashion Week
Photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff via Getty Images
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Fashion statements were making history left and right, with shows occurring nearly every day and new designs every minute. Acting as pure marketing geniuses, designers used the week to shock the world with new and innovative designs just in time for Fall. Balenciaga debuted a limited edition speaker bag, while Fendi debuted a "one-of-a-kind set" of "high jewelry" with yellow and white diamonds. Balmain's Olivier Rousteing collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier to create a fashion masterpiece bringing back shoulder pads and adding figure-hugging aspects to the clothing with metallic chains, acquired as "punks with bumps." Those who weren't in Paris, touched down in Italy. From Miranda Priestly's office to front row of Valentino, Anne Hathaway graced us with a popping pink showstopper as well as Ashley Park, Charlies Melton and Gigi Goode. These designers will do almost anything to outshine their previous collections, no matter how bizarre, making them stand out uniquely from each other as icons.

With too many celebrities and designers to name, and shows to date, the week of couture was indeed show-stopping and marked a moment in fashion history. With appearances from fashion legends to new generations, like North West, we believe this was one Haute Couture Week we will not forget. Aside from fashion, these designers take inspiration from their muses and turn it into something creative that only 1% of the couture world can understand.

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