Hollywood's New Bling: Toe Rings Are Back In


| LAST UPDATE 07/24/2023

By Alyssa Williams
Rihanna style toe rings
Gotham / Contributor via Getty Images

Beware, fashionistas! We're on the precipice of a major style evolution – toe rings are about to make a dramatic comeback, and we have Hollywood's glitterati to thank for it.

Remember the golden rule of fashion? "Three is a trend," they say. Well, we've got our three, and the alarm bells are ringing loud and clear. There's a toe ring revolution bubbling in Tinseltown, and it's set to explode. Just this week, the vivacious Megan Fox, known for her daring fashion choices, posted a series of tantalizing photos on Instagram. Captured by the talented Cibelle Levi, she's seen frolicking amidst nature, donning feather hair extensions, barely-there outfits, and showing off a bit more skin than we're used to. But amidst the risqué ensemble, what stands out? Her choice of accessories. Fox ended her photo series with an image of her foot delicately immersed in water, sporting a double-banded silver toe ring. If you missed it amidst the visual feast, we wouldn't blame you!

Kim Kardashian white fashion
MEGA / Contributor via Getty Images
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Yet, Megan isn't alone in this fashion adventure. The ever-stylish Rihanna, known for setting trends, was the first to revive the toe ring. She posted a video showcasing her diamond-studded foot on Instagram Stories back in May. With a massive pear-shaped diamond on her middle toe, RiRi made a bold statement about the current "quiet luxury" trend, unapologetically flaunting her billionaire status. And if Rihanna's recent splurge on six-figure jewels is anything to go by, we need to keep our eyes peeled not just for toe rings, but for other body adornments too. After this year's Oscars, she was spotted at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s afterparty, wearing a diamond belly chain worth a whopping $1.8 million!

Not to be left behind, Kim Kardashian also jumped on the bandwagon over the Fourth of July weekend. Attending Michael Rubin's white party, she added some sparkle to her minimalist Alaïa outfit with a custom-made belly chain featuring a 17-carat pear-shaped diamond. So, here's the deal. Super-wealthy celebs are always seeking new ways to display their opulence. And given the recent trend, it seems that luxurious accessories, including toe rings and belly chains, are the newest weapons in their arsenal. Looks like we're just seeing the tip of the diamond-encrusted iceberg!

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