The Hottest Swimsuit Trends for This Summer


| LAST UPDATE 05/25/2022

By Lia Thomson
swimsuit trend summer crochet
@sydneylcarlson via Instagram

In just less than a month, it will officially be Summer. And you know what that means... long days spend chilling by the salty water, catching a tan! But to do so you obviously need a cute bathing suit, and like with most things, the trends for swimsuits come and go. Luckily for you, we're up to date on all the latest styles that are taking over this Summer. Here they are.

We've seen crochet tops, especially after the obsessions influencers and celebs had with it a few years back. But now, the knitted style had returned in the form of a bikini. Designers like Anna Sui and Etro have even debuted crochet bathing suits on their runway, so you just know it was be all over our TikTok For You Page in no time. The best part? It comes in so many colors, and the crochet is easily able to be turned into many designs, so it's a very fun option to wear to the pool!

tie up bikini trend
@suedebrooks via Instagram
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But if that sounds like something too much out of your comfort zone, this trend will be perfect for you. The simple but elevated spin on a classic triangle bikini is sure to have heads turning your way. A super strappy bathing suit that ties around the waist may cause an awkward tan line, but honestly, it's so cute we think it just might be worth it. Speaking of weird tan line... the latest trend in one-pieces has definitely been cutouts.

Whether the cutouts are on the side to give you a more hourglass figure, or right down the middle for more cleavage action, this style of swimwear is going to be seen by everyone during the warmer months. Classy but sexy, what else could we want? Especially the one-piece options that take the boring old black suits in a completely new direction! Lastly, we want all the sparkles this Summer. This trend may seem a bit much, but don't worry - we don't mean crazy sparkles everywhere. Just a hint of shimmer can make you stand out when compared to everyone else at the beach! Trust us, these sparkly swimsuits are gonna be on all your fav influencers in no time. Check out some of these styles and more on Amazon!

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