How To Up Your Belt Game


| LAST UPDATE 09/25/2022

By Peral Simons
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Fashion influencers make it all look so easy. A dress that needs a boost or a pair of pants that don't fit at the correct point of the waist, it can all easily be fixed with a belt, right? According to the experts, this might be the case, but why is it that whenever we try to dress up an outfit with a belt, it just doesn't look as good? Belts are complicated things to get right. Yes, they often serve a functional purpose, but they also have the ability to elevate outfits and add color and dimension to the look. Here are our top belt styling tips.

Wearing a belt over a long blazer is a great way to accentuate your figure and bring attention to your waist as the main event. Buckle it up in the center and walk out with confidence! While you're at it, match the belt color, material, or pattern to another piece of your outfit to bring the whole thing together. From shoes to jewelry, it will all do the trick! On that note, belts can be seasonal dependent, just like many accessories. Leather belts may work better in the winter and fall, while cloth belts are the perfect light accessory for the warmer months.

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When selecting a belt, try and ensure its width matches the belt loop size. If it's too wide or too narrow, it risks not looking natural with the rest of the outfit. Don't settle; you want it to fit just right! That being said, on the other end of the extreme, if a dress or pants don't have belt loops, don't let that stop you! Feel free to still place the belt on top of your waist to help draw focus to your silhouette or add an interesting feature to your outfit.

Finally, belts come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors. Including formal, leather, braided, garter, chain, reversible, skinny, canvas, studded, and western belts, purchasing a belt is not as easy as it might sound at first. Once you have decided how you want to style it, calculate which type of belt you will need to achieve it. Remember to consider the tone of the occasion and the overall vibe of the outfit!

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