What Is the Hype Around 'Gorpcore'?


| LAST UPDATE 12/11/2022

By Christiana Holland
Gorpcore Fashion Winter Trend Stussy
@megantrong via Instagram

Besides all the classic fashion trends, you might be surprised by what people come up with, especially if they start a fashion frenzy. So we've established activewear, the classic, relaxed, or rebellious - but now there's a new configuration on the scene. We have officially reached winter, and there's only so much we can style with what's in our wardrobes. Introducing 'gorpcore.'

Picture this: You're on a relaxing weekend away, hidden in a cottage somewhere, and it's all about the outdoors. You've packed the most comfortable footwear, the best puffer jacket in the game, and a cute beanie to top it all off. Though you might think this style sticks to the woods, it's now going out of bounds. There's truly nothing better than creating and expressing a unique style, and we're all here for 'gorpcore.' According to CNN, Todd Johnson, stylist, and creative director says, "Gorpcore is essentially wearing traditionally functional and utilitarian outdoor wear outside of their intended use." Take your typical pair of hiking boots, fleece, and cargo pants, cute, right? Megan Wilson, a Brooklyn-based stylist, can also vouch for this as she says, "I feel like gorpcore is the more relaxed, colorful and less severe relative of techwear… while also being the more practical and outdoorsy version of normcore." Well said, girl.

Gorpcore Fashion Winter Trends Stussy
@pippo_krg via Instagram
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The 'gorp' part of the new fashion term resonates with the "good ol raisings and peanuts" that hikers find in their trail mix. Pretty clever if you ask us. This trend is perfect for people who love the outdoors and plan to spend most of their time there. Johnson explained the configuration hype, "I think functionality in conjunction with the desire to look cool and effortless is what makes it popular… there's an air of unattainability that I think draws a lot of the fashion crowd in." There's truly nothing better than standing out from the crowd. Plus, there's something comforting knowing that your everyday loungewear is also your crowd head turner. Though, if this becomes an investment, let's take it seriously, starting with Patagonia's Retro-X Fleece Jacket, the cute and fuzzy jacket to rock with almost any bottoms. Northface is also a classic outdoorsy yet colorful fashion statement, especially when it's collab'd with Gucci. Of course, if you're watching your wallet, there are always cheaper options.

So, have we convinced you yet? As we warm up and cozy down for the breezier days, we want to be prepared. Not to mention, we are thankful the term 'gorpcore' is now in our vocabulary. Now, if anyone questions what you're wearing, you have a solid answer. Stay tuned for more trendy outfit inspiration!

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