This Instagram Hack Is Changing the White T-Shirt Game


| LAST UPDATE 12/05/2022

By Peral Simons
White Shirt Bra Hack TIkTok
@officialrajana via Instagram

We've all made that fashion mistake once in our life. Throwing a white t-shirt over a white bra seems like a genius idea until you leave the house and are informed by your friends that your bra is showing through. While some of us favor the bra-on-show look, most of us were hoping the white-on-white would equal invisible. So what is the solution? Are women just unable to wear white shirts without showing off what's going on under them? Once again, Instagram has come to the rescue with a trick that may surprise you!

An Instagram user named Lydia Rose recently went viral when she shocked the internet with her genius dressing hack. According to her, white bras are not the answer. As crazy as it may sound, she advocates donning a red bra under a white shirt. Although, at first, this sounds like a bold, controversial choice, she has evidence to prove it. An accompanying video showed her comparing red and white bra visibility under a white shirt, and the results were undeniable - the former was completely invisible.

White Shirt Red Bra Hack
@fashioninflux via Instagram
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However, the internet is not the most accepting place, and people in the comments rushed to make their judgments on the issue. While the majority seemed impressed by the styling hack, some reckoned it was only effective in Lydia's case due to her specific skin tone. "The red matches your skin tone. I think that's why it looks better than wearing a white bra under a white tee," one user noted. One user came forward to declare the ineffectiveness of the approach. "Someone who wore a red bra through college, it does show through white shirts," they wrote.

Others couldn't wait to try the trick, deeming it a "game-changer" if it was as good as it said. Some had already tried it out, reporting back with their findings. "So true, wearing a red bra now under a white shirt, and it doesn't show!" another comment praised. As for the experts, a lingerie company worker joined in the discussion and proposed a different solution. "I work for a lingerie company, and if you don't want your bra to show under white clothes, beige is better than white. Personally, I don't care if my bra shows but a lot of people don't like that." With no overall consensus, we suggest giving it a go and hoping for the best!

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