Jewelry Trends To Look Out for This Spring


| LAST UPDATE 04/15/2022

By Lia Thomson
jewelry gold hoops trend
@weworewhat via Instagram

Jewelry is small but mighty, it has the power to totally levitate any outfit. Wearing a sweatsuit with day-old hair? Throw on a pair of gold hoops, stack some necklaces, put on your rings, and magically you'll look more put together. But just like fashion trends come and go, so does jewelry. Here is the top jewelry styles that will be all the rage this Spring and Summer.

Gold hoops have been everywhere for the past few years, and luckily they're here to stay. Except now, the chunkier, the better! Who What Wear's associate editor, Sierra Mayhew, revealed, "Heavy gold jewelry has come to us in many shapes and forms, and the newest take on the trend is so chic. Large gold studs that tend to come in circle form were all over the 2022 runways, so it's definitely the next jewelry trend." Rather than taking away from a look, these huge earrings actually bring a whole new element into your outfit. And the best part? They can be individualized. Whether you like large flowers, a classic stud, or a major hoop, all that matters is that they are chunky and, of course, gold. 

body chains jewelry trend
@lirisaw via Instagram
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As the weather gets warmer, we obviously will be spending loads of time chilling by the beach, which means it's bikini season! Since usually bathing suits are one or two pieces, it can be hard to make them look unique. But fortunately for us, the jewelry gods have come to the rescue with body chains. So now, not only will your ears, neck, and hands be blinged up, but so can your stomach area! Throw on a body chain to enhance any boring old bathing suit. We have no doubt this trend will make anyone look chic this summer.

 Last but certainly not least is bright colored jewelry. We know - totally adorable! The funky pieces are sure to be a big hit these upcoming months, as many celebs like Emma Chamberlian, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus have been spotted rocking them. They can add a pop of fun to quite literally any outfit. From blue, green, pink, and more, the options are truly endless. We can't wait to see how some of our favorite influencers style these pieces this Summer. Check out Short & Suite website, a company that has been said to be worn by some of the previously mentioned stars, to shop the trends!

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