Kim Kardashian Reveals 30,000-Piece Fashion Archive


| LAST UPDATE 06/02/2022

By Lia Thomson
kim kardashian fashion archive
@kimkardashian via Instagram

Throughout the years, Kim Kardashian has stunned us with her jaw-dropping outfits. From her all-black 2021 Met Gala look to her head-to-toe pink Balangeica pantsuit, she really does know how to make a statement. But where exactly do all these outfits go after they've been worn? Recently, during an episode of The Kardashians, fans got to see a glimpse of the massive storage unit filled to the brim with all of Kim's infamous fits. But fans weren't too happy about the collection. Here's why.

Ever since Kim and her ex-hubby Kanye split up, she had a hard time knowing what to wear. Because for years, the rapper was the one making the calls when it came to her outfits. "When it comes to my style, I've always had Kanye there as this crutch to teach me so much about fashion," she explained. "Having that not be there as my crutch to guide me has really forced me to figure it out on my own." But now that they are not together, Kim wants to try and find her old style again. To do so, she visited her warehouse - which has a collection of 30,000 pieces of clothing. NBD!

reworn outfit kim kardashian
Antony Jones / Contributor via Getty Images
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While it may be impressive, many fans on Twitter were furious, saying that keeping all that fabric locked away can be "wasteful." One person even tweeted, "Not because it's cool to hate on Kim or whatever, but this goes beyond collecting fashion pieces. This is plain hoarding, and many young creatives may benefit and be inspired by seeing the same 30,000 pieces in a public institution like a museum." 

Well, it seems like Kim listened to the complaint because for her big sister Kourtney's wedding Kim pulled out a dress from the warehouse. For the big event at Portofino, Italy, the mogul decided to stick to a theme. She explained in a caption on her Instagram, "I know you guys just saw me in my [archive] on last week's episode of The Kardashians!" she went on. "I have every piece photographed and on an app. So when I knew I was going to Italy (LOVE a theme for a trip), I pulled all my Dolce & Gabbana clothes to try on again and see if I could re-wear anything!" Kim revealed, "The dress I wore to the wedding was a Dolce & Gabbana I purchased at Bergdorf Goodman in 2011 and wore it to the Glamour Awards," she wrote. What else will she be doing with that massive collection? Stay tuned. 

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