Miaou Teams Up With Paloma Elsesser for New Collab


| LAST UPDATE 05/17/2022

By Georgina White
miaou paloma elsesser collection
Instagram via @palomija

It's a story as old as time: brands struggling (or not even trying, TBH) to incorporate inclusive styling into their catalog. And plus-size shoppers are the ones to pay the price, often being excluded from high-fashion retailers and seeing altered designs that set them apart from the crowd for no reason at all. But slowly, things are starting to change - and for that reason, we couldn't be more excited about Miaou and Paloma Elsesser's latest collab!

For those of you who have been living under a rock (no judgment), Paloma Elsesser is the ultimate New York it-girl. Having broken into the modeling scene over 10 years ago, the LA-native has carved a space as a plus-size model that's changing the industry with every one of her shoots. And even off the runway, she's got killer style - which is something Miaou is most definitely looking to tap into with this recent partnership. The French brand has climbed to the top of the fashion world thanks to its iconic corsets, matching sets, dresses, and more - but was lacking in the plus-size department. And that's where Paloma came in. The certified fashion genius swooped in to offer her expertise in sizing and styles, resulting in a 54-piece capsule that ranges in sizes from XS to 4XL. And for Elsesser, this is just the beginning of what she hopes to be an industry-wide change.

inclusive sizing high fashion
Instagram via @palomija
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"This isn't even where it stops, this is just the bandwidth currently that the brand has," she explained while speaking with Vogue. "It's also a way to make a remark to brands that have way more resources to show that you can do this." And it's clear that this is an issue is one that Paloma holds close to her heart, adding, "Any brand I attach my name to needs to also provide for more women that I represent." And she definitely achieved that in this latest launch...

You can take a look at the groundbreaking collection for yourself over at Miaou's website. But we're warning you, these pieces are pretty much impossible to say no to! Stay tuned for more from the world of fashion, coming soon...

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