Ditch the Pants: Mini Skirts Are Officially Back


| LAST UPDATE 10/31/2022

By Peral Simons
Mini Skirt Trend Fall
Christian Vierig via Getty Images

It's almost an instant reflex that as soon as the cold weather hits, we wrap ourselves up in as many layers as possible. From sweaters to thick socks, years of experience have taught us that the less skin we have exposed, the longer we will be able to withstand the brutal temperatures. This year, however, the Fall 2022 runway is telling us to go off script, reaching for the mini skirt instead of the thick sweatpants. While they do say that 'fashion is pain,' here's how to style the on-trend piece without freezing your legs off. 

For starters, thigh-high boots are the accessory of choice if you're going to jump on board the mini skirt train. Yes, the skirt, by default, leaves the majority of your legs uncovered, but that doesn't mean they need to be left that way. Pairing the skirt with these leg-covering shoes will ensure you look fashionable and simultaneously lock in the heat. Slip on some fuzzy warm socks under the boot for an extra boost! No one will see!

Mini Skirt Boots Trend
@lisaaramos via Instagram
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Another great way to style the mini skirt and keep warm is to wrap it up in a long coat. With numerous styles and materials to choose from, there's sure to be something to fit everyone's tastes. Fashion influencer @vivienwtang recommends matching the long coat to the fabric of the mini skirt for the ultimate chic look. Dua Lipa recently showcased this look, pairing her black leather mini skirt with a long black leather coat.

If you're going to keep it light on your bottom half, it's wise to balance it out with a top-heavy approach. Stock up on knit sweaters and pair them with your mini skirts for a warm, statement look. As for the sweaters themselves, you can opt for a thinner stylish turtleneck or go all out with a chunky knit - it all depends on the warmth you need! Fashion Gum suggests matching the color of the skirt to the sweater for a casual yet stylish approach, while others recommend pairing a brightly colored skirt with more neutral-colored knitwear. If all else fails, you can just ditch the mini-skirt and reach for the UGGs and sweatpants! At least you know you tried!

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