Meet the Fashionista Mom Going Viral on TikTok


| LAST UPDATE 05/27/2022

By Lia Thomson
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@larissamills via instagram

Anyone who has been on Tiktok lately might have already seen one of @ellapottersays's viral videos of her mom. The 50-year-old has received praise for her effortlessly cool chic style - and now thousands of girls on the social media platform want her advice. Luckily, her daughter has been sharing numerous videos of Larissa Mills discussing whether or not she likes outfits she's seen on Pinterest. But even better than that, she has revealed her must-have fashion pieces. Here are the fashion icons' top 6 closet essentials.

Mill's go-to is often very casual yet elevated pieces. She's often seen wearing relaxed silhouettes, nicer basics, and clothes from high-end or even lesser-known brands. A major essential for her is sweatsuits, mainly because it's extremely comfortable, but it also ensures she looks put together, no matter what she's doing. "Comfort in my clothes is a staple. I like to move. I like to sit on the floor to play with animals and kids or even read a book. I like to sit cross-legged. I need clothes that can do that," she explained. But comfort isn't the only must-have - but also has good textures. Mills said, "Cashmere sweaters are a staple for me. I'm a sucker for texture. The fabrics that feel better are the ones that get worn more often, for sure."

viral tiktok fashion mom
@larissamills via Instagram
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When it comes to accessories, Mills is a sucker for jewelry. And she's not exactly picky on what kinds. In most of the Tiktoks, she's seen wearing gold hoops. many rings, and of course, a few necklaces. "I love mixing jewelry metals, and to me, nothing is precious. I never save a special piece of jewelry for an event. I wear what I love, even if it's with sweatpants or T-shirts." It seems like to her there's no difference between casual and fancy because one of her go-to's is flip flops. "I don't like to be too fussy, and flip-flops immediately de-fuss any outfit." Easy but cute is needed for Mill, so obviously, she loves a good linen button-up. "I love linen long-sleeve shirts. I like the cut of men's oxfords. They are boxier, which I prefer."


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By now, you can probably tell Mills is all about simple but chic looks. So clearly, she constantly rocks a monochromatic look; after all, they are incredibly easy to match and stylish! "I'm not tall (5'4"), so I tend to like the lengthening effect wearing all one color provides," she said. Check out her daughter's Tiktok to see what Mills is wearing on the daily... we know we will. 

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