Princess Diana's Most Iconic Fashion Moments

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Whether you knew her as The Honorable Diana Frances Spencer, Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales, or Diana, The true icon continued to inspire and influence the fashion industry decades after her tragic passing.

The $115,000 Dress

Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales wed in an ivory silk taffeta and lace gown embellished with sequins and 10,000 pearls. Diana and the husband-and-wife team: David and Elizabeth Emanuel, created the visionary dress for the Royal wedding on July 29, 1981.

Princess Diana Prince Charles Wedding Gown
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The finishing touches to the extravagant gown were a small blue bow sewn into the waistband and lace from the Queen Mary's seamstress. A dramatic 25-foot train made of 153 yards of British-woven silk tulle was attached to complete the look. The Emmanuel's told People the value of Diana's gown was estimated at about $115,000.

Wardrobe Fit For A (Future) Queen

The newlyweds August 1981 honeymoon plans included being whisked away to the Broadlands estate, a Mediterranean cruise, and vacationing at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. This meant that Princess Diana had to plan a wardrobe for several occasions and different climates.

Princess Diana Prince Charles Honeymoon
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Her outfits were very important on this trip, as it was the first time she would be seen embracing the role of the future Queen. At this time, her jewelry collection was limited to her Welsh gold wedding ring, inscribed with a message from Prince Charles saying, "I Love You, Diana."

Cinderella Look-Alike

Princess Diana looked stunning in a full-skirted gown by Bellville Sassoon. She attended the Splendours of the Gonzaga exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on November 4, 1981. The gown was completed with a light blue silk ribbon at her waist and sparkling blue-hued off-the-shoulder overlay.

Princess Diana Bellville Sassoon Splendors of the Gonzaga
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The outfit was completed with dangling pearl earrings, an 8-string pearl bracelet, and a 4-string pearl choker. A favorite accessory of the Queen Mary's throughout the 80s and 90s, the necklace was made of 4 strands of delicate pearls that came together with a statement diamond clasp.

Ruffled with Color

In a drop-waist one-shoulder silk Bruce Oldfield dress with ruffle details, Princess Diana attended a charity fashion event in London on November 9, 1982. Designer Oldfield once told a biographer that the vividly bright fabric was not his color of choice, saying, "I liked to see her in much simpler things."

Princess Diana Bruce Oldfield
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The ensemble was completed with a 3-strand pearl choker and a flower-shaped clasp that Diana received on her 18th birthday as a gift from her family. The necklace remained one of her favorites, as both of Diana's older sisters received matching necklaces on their 18th birthdays as well.

Silver Shoulder Pads

Years later, Diana attended the premiere of the James Bond film, A View To A Kill in London on June 12, 1985. The beauty arrived in a silver long-sleeve gown with a triangle-shaped cutout across her back by Bruce Oldfield. The dress had large shoulder pads and was accompanied by dangling gold earrings and a whimsical hairstyle.

Princess Diana A View To A Kill Bruce Oldfield
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It was because of dress designs like this that the Princess was nicknamed "Dynasty Di" by the newspapers, thanks to her love of wide-shouldered gowns. Looks like Princess Di was sporting shiny bold fabrics long before it became a thing. Trendsetter alert?

Art Deco Halloween

On a Halloween night in 1985, Diana arrived in Melbourne, Australia in a sparkling single-shoulder turquoise dress created by the Emanuel's. The Princess accented the gown with an Art Deco diamond-and-emerald choker that she fashionably wore as a tiara.

Princess Diana Emanuel Art Deco
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The necklace was originally given as a gift to Queen Mary by the Ladies of India in 1911. It was then given to Diana on a lifetime loan by Queen Elizabeth II shortly after her wedding to Charles. The Queen probably did not expect Diana to style the treasure this way. However, it could have been perfect for the Halloween season.

Backless Beauty

Diana wore this burgundy crushed velvet gown by Catherine Walker to the 1985 premiere of Back to the Future. The stunning dress had a high-neck and plunging V-shape back. It gathered below the cut-out and included a large taffeta bow and classic large shoulder pads.

Princess Diana Catherine Walker Back To The Future
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The evening gown was conservative to the eye from the front, but it had an open back that the Princess accessorized with a long pearl necklace. The fashionista thought to wear this necklace backward as to perfectly accentuate her back and the shape of the dress.

Lounging at Home

The stunning Princess was seen relaxing on the front steps of her home in Gloucestershire, England on July 18, 1986. She sported gingham-print cropped pants and a hot pink sweater. The sweater was layered atop a white collared button-down and paired with white loafers.

Princess Diana England
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Diana looked flawless and wonderfully content as she held her head in her hands. She showcased her Welsh gold wedding ring, cufflinks, and golden hoop earrings. Her simple yet elegant look was completed with a nude lipstick that perfectly complemented her outfit.

The Travolta Dress

Diana first saw this Victor Edelstein creation in burgundy while looking through his collection in London. She requested that he make a midnight-blue version especially for her, and he happily complied! This gown went on to become one of her most iconic looks.

Princess Diana John Travolta Travolta Dress
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Soon to become known as the "Travolta dress," the Princess wore this custom number to a White House dinner in Washington, D.C. on November 9, 1985, where she shared a dance with actor, John Travolta. Di paired the gown with a gem brooch-turned-necklace, which quickly became one of her favorite accessories.

Fashionably Relaxed

Proving that she needed little more than her bold presence to make an impression, Diana strolled through the grounds of the Guards Polo Club in casual but fashionable jeans and a British Lung Foundation sweatshirt. A crisp blazer, brown leather boots, golden hoop earrings, and a blue cap completed the look.

Princess Diana Guards Polo Club
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Diana's "off duty" looks made many feel as if she truly was the "People's Princess." She was known by her friend Anna Harvey, British Vogue deputy editor, to love experimenting in the wardrobe department, "Her enthusiasm was contagious," yet she wished to remain "Modern rather than fashionable."

Accessorized with Aviators

Diana sported a crisp and clean look during a 3-day visit to Bangkok, Thailand with Prince Charles in February 1988. She wore a printed top and white skirt, styled with a green belt and white aviator sunglasses. The fashion-forward Princess was not shy to bold patterns and statement pieces.

Princess Diana Thailand Aviators
Georges De Keerle via Getty Images

The oversized white aviator sunglasses completed her look. They, along with a brown version of the glasses became staple pieces of her wardrobe throughout the following years. They complemented nearly every outfit and were worn by Princess Di during all seasons.

Lady in Red

Catherine Walker dressed Diana in a rose-printed silk taffeta gown at a dinner in Paris, France on November 1, 1988. A unique design, the dress was strapless with a sweetheart neckline on the right side, and had a scoop neckline with a long sleeve on the left, showcasing the Princess's beautiful collarbones.

Princess Diana Catherine Walker France
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Princess Di paired the dress with elegant drop-pearl-and-diamond earrings that were a wedding gift from Collingwood, a London jeweler. Diana went on to wear these classic earrings with both formal and casual attire, as they were one of her favorite pairs.

1 Dress 2 Ways

According to People, Walker was one of Dianna's favorite designers. The two bonded over creative thoughts and ideas. Catherine originally designed this beaded ballgown as full-length with a silk bodice and skirt. However, she later altered it to have a narrow skirt so the Princess could wear it to other events.

Princess Diana Catherine Walker Auction
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Here, Princess Di paired the silky ensemble with a pearl choker and the Spencer tiara, a memento from her own family, of which the history will be shared a bit later. After Diana wore it both ways, the narrowed-skirt version of this gown later sold at auction for $51,750.

The Elvis Dress

"The Elvis dress" was regarded by most as one of Diana's best-known outfits. The high collar on this Catherine Walker pearl-encrusted dress and jacket set was "Inspired by Elizabethan ruffs." It was more commonly known to be inspired by the fashion sense of musician and actor, Elvis Presley.

Princess Diana The Elvis Dress Elvis Presley The Lover's Knot Tiara
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Diana wore this outfit on a visit to Hong Kong in 1989. Nigel Milne designed this beautiful bracelet for Diana to wear with the ensemble. It featured sets of diamonds which separated the 3 strands of pearls. Even more eye-catching was Diana's favorite tiara, the Lover's Knot.

The Lover's Knot

Obvious to many at the time, Dianna's favorite tiara was the Lover's Knot. The neo-classical masterpiece was commissioned by the Queen Mary in 1913. It featured 38 teardrop pearls suspended by bows (lover's knots). This Royal heirloom could possibly be one of the most magnificent pieces of jewelry the Princess ever wore.

Princess Diana The Lover's Knot Tiara Pearls
Anwar Hussein WireImage via Getty Images

Princess Di was allowed to keep all of the jewelry that came into her possession during her 15 years of marriage to Prince Charles; All but the Lover's Knot. After returning it to the Queen Mother in 1991, the tiara was worn 3 times by The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, before being placed in the Windsor vaults.

Glittering Red

Arriving at an official banquet in London on July 20, 1989, Diana arrived in a showstopping bright red V-neck chiffon dress. It was a Bruce Oldfield creation with ruching down the center seam. The Princess paired her glittering gown with matching shoes and a cherry-colored clutch.

Princess Diana Spencer Family Tiara London Bruce Oldfield
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The Spencer family tiara sat elegantly atop her head, paired with one of her favorite necklaces that featured an adjustable diamond pendant. With this look, Diana sported her Collingwood pearl earrings. At this time, these beautiful earrings were some of her most frequently worn.

The Iconic Lace Suit

Diana turned heads in London on June 5, 1990. She wore a lace dress paired with a satin jacket; One of her most iconic suit ensembles created by Bruce Oldfield. Accompanied by a single-strand pearl necklace and matching earrings, Di completed her look with a satin clutch.

Princess Diana Bruce Oldfield Clutch
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The Princess always wore show-stopping attire, but what is less well known is the functional secret behind why she had a clutch to match every outfit. The image-conscious mogel used her clutches to shield her chest when stepping out of the car, which helped her avoid showing too much cleavage to the pesky paparazzi. SO smart!

Balmoral Tartan

Lady Di sported a Tartan coat-dress by Catherine Walker at the Honda factory in Japan on November 14, 1990. This visit was part of the Princess' official tour of Japan. The Royal family's love for their country dated back many generations and was exemplified in their love of Tartan-style attire.

Princess Diana Japan Balmoral Tartan
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The entire Royal family sported wardrobes that included Balmoral Tartan. Native to Scotland, the grey checked design was originally designed by Prince Albert in 1853. The design was upgraded in later years to include threads of black, white, and red.

Trustworthy Designers

Diana wore a sea-green sequined evening gown by Catherine Walker at a charity benefit in London on December 4, 1990. Walker told People that Diana trusted her so much that "She didn't ask to see sketches for this dress" before wearing it. So, Walker got creative with ruching down the center seam and a front slit to the knee.

Princess Diana Catherine Walker London Shoulder Pads
John Shelley Collection Avalon via Getty Images

Diana regularly wore a simple diamond necklace that could hold pendant pieces from the base of the center diamond. With this shimmering outfit, she swapped out the original sapphire for a diamond pendant and paired it with matching diamond dangling earrings.

Trend-Setting Among The Royals

Diana sported a bright red and white Moschino Houndstooth suit to her niece's christening in Sandringham, England in December 1990. The suit had blue and white striped rope woven into the lapels of her jacket. Paired with a pencil skirt, the look was complete with a wide-brimmed hat with black netting.

Princess Diana Moschino Houndstooth Suit England Kate Middleton Dutchess of Cambridge
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Aside from her fabulous hat, Di's accessories included her classic South Sea pearl earrings, known for their large size, smoothness, and silvery-white hue. Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, took inspiration from this iconic outfit in 2018 when she wore a Houndstooth coat in the same cherry red color by Catherine Walker.

A Gift From the Saudi Royals

At the Canadian premiere of Crocodile Dundee II, Diana wore a ruched strapless Catherine Walker floral-print dress. It had a large bow that sat atop her hips, and a knee-length slit on the left side. The only detail to outshine this bold dress was the Princess's assortment of sparkling jewelry.

Princess Diana Sapphire Crocodile 2 Catherine Walker
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

As a wedding present, the Saudi Royal family gifted Diana an assortment of specially crafted jewelry to complement her 12-carat sapphire engagement ring. This extravagant set featured a diamond necklace, bracelet, and earrings. It also included a watch and a ring, all decorated with deep blue sapphires, but not pictured here.

The Spencer Family Tiara

It may come as no surprise that Catherine Walker designed this stunning silk evening gown with an empire-style embroidered bodice. Diana wore the masterpiece at a banquet in New Delhi, India, on February 1, 1992. The glitzy top of the dress was complemented by Di's Spencer Family tiara.

Princess Diana Spencer Family Tiara Family Heirloom India John Spencer
Anwar Hussein via Getty Images

The Spencer Family tiara was a family heirloom that belonged to Diana's father, John Spencer, Eighth Earl of Spencer. It was crafted by Garrard in the 1930s and earned "icon" status when worn with Di's David and Elizabeth Emanuel gown on her wedding day.

LBD: The Revenge Dress

Known to some as an LBD, Little Black Dress, this stunning off-shoulder figure-hugging ruched number by Greek designer, Christina Stambolian, became known as Diana's "revenge dress." She wore it at the Serpentine Gallery benefit the same evening that Prince Charles publically admitted to infidelity in 1994.

Princess Diana The Revenge Dress Prince Charles Christina Stambolian Serpentine Gallery
Jayne Fincher via Getty Images

The then 32-year-old confidently wore this jaw-dropping ensemble as a last-minute decision when she found out that her previous outfit of choice had been leaked to the press. She paired the stunning dress with a gem previously owned by the Queen Mary.

A Gift From The Queen

Princess Diana received the stunning oval diamond-and-sapphire brooch as a wedding gift from the Queen Mother. She did not seem to mind when Di had it revamped into a 7-strand pearl choker. This extravagant necklace quickly became a staple of Diana's wardrobe.

Princess Diana Sapphire Diamond Necklace
Anwar Hussein WireImage via Getty Images

The fashion icon proudly sported the creation with many different outfits. The earliest famous appearance was in 1985 when Di wore the necklace with the "Travolta dress," and again in 1994 with the "revenge dress." The last time Dianna publically wore it was at the 1996 Met Gala.

Inspired by Jackie-O

Gianni Versace designed this pink Jackie O-inspired suit for Princess Diana's May 1995 visit to the troops at Howe Barracks in Canterbury, England. The top included a tulip-style collar, double-breasted buttons, and pockets just above her hips. The matching pillbox hat was designed by Philip Somerville.

Princess Diana Jackie Kennedy Jackie-O England Howe Barracks Philip Somerville
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

During a fitting with Somerville, Di let her love of Jackie-O slip, saying, "I wonder if in the years to come people will think of me as the Jackie Kennedy of the period." Her sophisticated outfit was completed with simple yet elegant gold monkey-knot earrings, a diamond and gold brooch, and a long-strapped shoulder purse.

A $77,300 Purchase

In 1995, Diana attended a Vanity Fair party in London. She wore a grey glass-beaded halter-neck cocktail dress that must have caught everyone's attention. The dress was created by, you guessed it, Catherine Walker. Accessorized with her South Sea pearl earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet, there's no doubt Di stole the show.

Princess Diana Catherine Walker Halter Dress London Vanity Fair Party
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

The V-neck tulip skirted dress caught the eyes of many throughout the years. So much so that it was put to auction along with 78 other items from Diana's collections. The dress was auctioned for a whopping $77,300 in support of Di's efforts to benefit cancer and AIDS causes. The auction raised a total of $3.25 million.

Versace's LWD

Diana attended the Children of Bosnia concert in Modena, Italy, on September 12, 1995, in a short white Versace dress and matching shoes. Around this year, the Princess began to favor sheath dresses that showed off her slim figure. Paired with her favorite pearl earrings and a matching clutch, she could be seen from miles away!

Princess Diana Gianni Versace Children of Bosnia Italy
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

This Versace creation with diamond-crested buttons became known as Diana's LWD (Little White Dress) drawing out the same "wow factor" reaction from the press as her LBD moment of 1994. The media credited this look to be the reason behind Di becoming the unexpected Versace poster girl of the '90s.

Pantsuit Princess

Princess Diana wore an ivory, pearl-studded shalwar kameez with a stunted collar to a cancer fundraiser in London in 1996. A gift from her friend, Jemima Khan, the pantsuit inspired Di to commission similar outfits from one of her favorite designers, Catherine Walker.

Princess Diana Shalwar Kameez London Pantsuit Catherine Walker
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Dianna paired this extravagant look with her classic South Sea pearl earrings and 11-stand pearl necklace complete with diamond and ruby spacers and a matching ivory satin clutch, of course. The outfit was completed with strappy white shoes and nude-colored lipstick.

No Stranger to Colors

Dianna had all eyes on her in a blue satin one-shoulder gown with matching accessories at a New Orleans, Louisiana event on May 2, 1996. The dress complimented her shining blue eyes, as the Princess completed her look with a matching blue clutch and killer pair of heels (as always).

Princess Diana Louisiana South Sea Pearls
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

One of Diana's most iconic pairs of pearl earrings were these South Sea peals featuring an elaborate diamond clasp. South Sea pearls, grown in Australia, parts of South-East Asia, and the Pacific, were known to be the most exclusive in the world. The fashion icon completed her look with a 5-strand pearl and aquamarine bracelet.

Pretty in Purple

Diana appeared in a purple Versace evening gown and matching strappy Jimmy Choo shoes for a Field Museum visit in Chicago, Illinois on June 5, 1996. She completed the look with an 11-strand pearl choker made of over 900 pearls with spacer columns of diamonds and rubies; One of her most-worn pieces of jewelry.

Princess Diana Gianni Versace Jimmy Choo Pearls
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Although the visionary Princess left us too soon at the young age of 36, in 2019, Lyst revealed that Princess Diana's iconic style has had the largest impact on fashion to this day. With exhibits of her most extravagant outfits opening throughout the world today, her memory continues to live on in the fashion world.

The 2nd Version

This stunning look is the second version of an iconic lavender Catherine Walker gown. The floral details along the arms and torso remained the same, while the once full-length silk skirt turned into a sleek number. Diana wore this revamped purple vision to a banquet thrown by President Roh in Seoul, Japan, in November 1992.

Princess Diana Catherine Walker
Princess Diana Archive via Getty Images

She paired the slimming outfit with her sparkling Spencer tiara for the debut of its new look, which glamorously heightened the entire ensemble. The Princess later auctioned off this gown for a whopping $51,750, along with a collection of others, to benefit charities.

Radiant in Red

Princess Diana of Wales left onlookers' jaws on the floor when she arrived at a dinner in Washington D.C. wearing this scoop-back Victor Edelstein gown in 1990. Equipped with a matching clutch, shoes, and lipstick, Di flashed a smile from ear to ear.

Princess Diana Victor Edelstein
Tim Graham via Getty Images

She sported the same look again at a 1992 performance in Budapest, Hungary. Diana not only wowed fans but set an example that it was, in fact, okay to repeat outfits! The Princess seemed to care more about feeling good in what she was wearing. You go, girl!

Polka-Dot Princess

Princess Diana wore this elegant black and white polka dot wrap dress with a matching hat to the Royal Ascot race in 1988. It was created by Victor Edelstein, who was commonly known in the fashion industry at the time as "The master of the English thoroughbred look."

Princess Diana Victor Edelstein
Princess Diana Archive via Getty Images

You may remember Edelstein's name from earlier, as he also created the iconic "Travolta dress" that Diana wore to the White House in 1985. This beautiful sinched-bodice look fits the theme of the Princess's race attire, which usually featured something white or ivory with a matching hat to keep the sun out of her eyes.

Mismatched Gloves

Diana never shied away from making a statement with her glamorous outfits. At the America’s Cup Ball in 1986, she wore this eye-catching black velvet and red taffeta Flamenco ball gown by Murray Arbeid. The Princess paired the number with a black velvet choker and red and black gloves.

Diana Murray Arbeid Flamenco
Anwar Hussein via Getty Images

Not only did this unique look help Diana stand out from the rest at the ball, but the mismatched gloves proved that the Princess did not hold back from making fashion-forward statements. The gown's bottom featured a high-low style that showed off Diana's toned legs and black stiletto heels.

Bike Short Trend Setter

The bike short and oversized sweatshirt look has recently swept across the fashion scene again decades after Princess Diana famously rocked it. She sported bright orange shorts with a large sweatshirt and white tennis shoes while heading home from her sports club back in the day.

Princess Diana Bike Short Trend
Anwar Hussein via Getty Images

While Diana became famously known for her elegant attire at parties, royal events, and other outings, she also had a casual side to her closet. Even today, the Princess has continued to influence the style of many. Bike shorts seem to be taking over the fashion industry lately, and for that, we say thank you, Diana!

Military Style

During a 1987 visit to the Sandhurst Military Academy in England, Princess Diana wore a military-inspired dress suit crafted by Catherine Walker as she walked in the Passing Out Parade Ceremony. The ensemble was completed with a matching hat by Graham Smith, gloves, heels, and a white clutch.

Catherine Walker Graham Smith
Anwar Hussein via Getty Images

Diana had an angelic look to her as she walked the parade among the servicemen. Her jacket had golden detail that mimicked army attire, and her skirt had a unique knee-length center tulip design. This outfit was rarely worn by the Princess, but all eyes were on her when she sported it.

The Peplum Jacket

Diana wore this beautiful classic white peplum jacket with a black lapel and a black skirt while visiting Expo'86 in Vancouver. Her fabulous fashion sense led her to pair the outfit with a black and white clutch, a Princess Diana staple to any ensemble.

Diana Peplum Jacket Expo’86
John Shelley Collection/Avalon via Getty Images

A black headband resting on her hair balanced out the black skirt and helped the Princess maintain an elongated look. The jacket's detail of a high front and cascading back was an elegant touch to complement Diana's whimsical vibe. Just look at how happy she appears!

A Royal Engagement

The Princess-to-be wore this powerful royal blue skirt suit from Harrods, the iconic department store, for her engagement announcement. The ensemble complemented Princess Diana's sapphire and diamond ring and gave the people a sneak peek into how much this brilliant color would become a staple of Di's closet.

Harrods Diana Charles Engagement
Hulton Archive via Getty Images

Photographed outside of Buckingham Palace, Diana wore a white blouse with blue detail to break up the jacket and skirt combo. Their smiles and her sparkling engagement ring served as the perfect finishing touches to the photo op. Just look at these lovebirds!

Princess in Pink

Fashion designer Donald Campbell designed this bright pink dress detailed with tiny white polka-dots that Princess Diana wore to visit Freemantle Hospital in 1983. The outfit was complemented by a sophisticated yet eccentric hot pink hat with a large bow. Her beaming grin completed the look.

Diana Pink Donald Campbell
Princess Diana Archive via Getty Images

Throughout the years, pink became a staple color in the Princess's closet. Not only did the color complement Diana beautifully and probably brought smiles to the faces of the hospital residents, but she yet again outwardly embraced her love of polka-dots!

A Cinderella Gown

Princess Di was photographed wearing this iconic baby blue chiffon gown by Catherine Walker on many occasions. She paired the strapless number with a matching scarf that she fashionably tied to have it flow behind her as she walked. Here, the look was completed with large dangling diamond and sapphire earrings.

Diana Catherine Walker Chiffon
Tim Graham via Getty Images

Diana sported this gorgeous floor-length gown at many events, from Cannes' 40th film festival in 1987 to the Miss Saigon musical in 1989. Diana looked just as glamorous as Cinderella in the hugged-bodice drop-waist dress, and unsurprisingly, the Princess had all eyes on her.

Honeymoon Attire

As mentioned before, Diana had to pack a variety of outfits for her 1981 honeymoon wardrobe. When setting out for the trip with her new hubby, Prince Charles, the Princess Of Wales wore an elegant floral wrap dress by Donald Campbell. The top of the dress had a center-bust tie detail that complimented the flowing bell sleeves.

Diana Honeymoon Donald Campbell
Anwar Hussein via Getty Images

This bridal-white ensemble was completed with Diana's treasured necklace that remained a staple of her jewelry collection throughout her life. The three-strand pearl choker with a flower-shaped clasp was given to Diana by her family on her 18th birthday. It remained very special to her, as her two sisters had matching pieces.

Stunning in Satin

Princess Di wore this gorgeous blush and white satin ballgown to a gala performance by the Royal Ballet at the Berlin Opera House in Germany. The off-the-shoulder long-sleeve dress was created by, you may have guessed, Catherine Walker. Diana paired the open neckline with a pearl choker, which framed her stunning collarbones.

Diana Satin Catherine Walker
Tim Graham via Getty Images

The V-shaped hem at the base of the waistline, detailed with sinching and pleats, showed off the Princess's figure and, with the full skirt, gave us ultimate Princess vibes. The floor-length gown must have given Prince Charles major heart eyes, as he can be seen seemingly checking for his pulse in the top right corner!

The "Wet Look"

While Di gave a speech at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Ball in 1995 in New York, all eyes were on her. She sported a "wet look" hairstyle with a slicked-back curl at the base of her neck and a blue evening gown designed by Catherine Walker.

Diana Wet Hair Catherine Walker
Anwar Hussein via Getty Images

The fashion-forward Princess paired the V-neck tank top dress with her famous brooch-turned-necklace choker that featured the largest sapphire in her collection. The sapphire earrings she received as a wedding gift from the Saudi Royal family completed the elegant navy blue ensemble.

1 Sleeve Wonder

It was no secret to the public that Diana had a soft spot for single shoulder dresses. She wore this ivory and pink silk one-sleeved evening gown with floral and diamond detail to a film premiere at the Empire Cinema in 1991. Those in attendance helped to raise funds for the Trust For Sick Children in Wales.

Princess Diana Empire Cinema Wales
Tim Graham via Getty Images

Di paired her ensemble with dangling pearl earrings, her glamorous sapphire engagement ring, and a matching ivory clutch, a Diana staple. The Princess of Wales rocked a pixie haircut and nude lip that both completed her look and helped her stand out as a fashion-forward member of the Royal family.

A Suit Fit For a Princess

Diana may have been widely known for her elaborate and elegant dresses, however, she also wore some memorable suits throughout the years that left us starstruck. In 1984 she attended a Genesis rock concert at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Princess Diana Bowtie Tuxedo
David Levenson via Getty Images

The Princess opted for a warmer outfit in the February weather. She sent her fashion fans into a frenzy when she rocked a black-and-white tuxedo-style suit designed by Margaret Howell. Of course, her outfit was complete with a black bowtie and matching clutch.

Shoulder Pads Galore

1980's Style shoulder pads, a galaxy star-pattern, and a drop-waist were what Princess Diana wore to the Mayor's dinner in Florence, Italy in 1985. Designed by Jacques Azagury, the blue, black, and purple evening dress featured a large bow on Di's left thigh.

Princess Diana Jacques Azagury
Tim Graham via Getty Images

Worn with earrings as her only accessory, the Princess let the dress speak for itself. She shined like the stars in the sky when she wore the gown during a Royal tour of Italy and at the Orpheum Theater for a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra performance.

Bowtie Princess

Diana rocked another bow-tie look during an official visit to Lisbon, Portugal, in 1987. She paired the statement accessory with a bright orange satin jacket, long black skirt, dangling earrings, and her classic blue eyeliner. Talk about a trendsetter!

Princess Diana Bowtie Satin Jacket
Julian Parker via Getty Images

Diana's love for bright and bold colors was just one of the things that set her apart from other members of the Royal family. Diana loved to be colorful and entrusted many of her fashion designers-turned-friends to dress her in outfits that made her feel confident and helped her stand out from the rest.

Shakespearean Dress

If you thought Diana's closet would suffer when she first shifted into maternity clothing, think again! While pregnant with Prince William, the Princess wore this bold Shakespeare-Esque satin maternity gown by David Sassoon. In 1982, she attended a function at London's Barbican Centre in the red and white-detailed dress.

Diana David Sassoon Maternity Dress
Anwar Hussein via Getty Images

The gown had a unique square neckline that was a new look on Di. Paired with a shimmering diamond necklace, silver ballet flats, and a matching silver clutch, the pregnant Princess stole the show from the moment she stepped out of the car. Would you expect anything less from this fashion icon?

The Royal Mommy

After giving birth to newborn Prince William, Princess Diana stepped out of London's St. Mary's hospital on June 22, 1982, and into the spotlight in a colorful patterned teal dress. Again, Diana opted for polka-dots, a recurring pattern in her wardrobe.

Princess Diana Birth Prince William
David Levenson via Getty Images

The proud first-time parents seemed to be cheerful as they headed home to begin the new chapter of their lives as mothers and fathers in the Royal family. Diana, equipped with her family and beautiful maternity wardrobe, continued to wow onlookers with her fabulous looks, this time, mommy-style.

Canadian Tuxedo

Years later, on a skiing holiday in Lech, Austria with her boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, the Princess of Wales stunned on the slopes in a denim jumpsuit. She layered the denim under an oversized bomber-style jacket and completed her look with bright-white boots.

Princess Diana Denim Jumpsuit
Tim Graham via Getty Images

Accessorized with gold hoop earrings, a wedding band, and an embroidered gold chain on her right hip, Diana fashionably took over the mountain. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Princess Di's closet is our ultimate dream. Whether she was at a gala or lounging at home, Diana dressed to impress, and boy did she ever!