Puffy Coats: From Winter Staple to High Fashion


| LAST UPDATE 01/19/2022

By Georgina White
winter high fashion trends
Instagram via @durmanovica

Let's face it you guys, staying cozy in the winter sometimes comes at the expense of the overall fit vibe. And by sometimes, we mean always. But thankfully, one winter staple has gone from bulky necessity to high fashion, and we couldn't be more relieved. Finally - winter fashion has a spot on the runway! So let's take a look at the latest cold-weather trend that's got us keeping cozy and looking fly all at the same time.

Puffy coats have gone from serving Michelin Man vibes to being spotted on some of the best-dressed celebs of our time. Kim Kardashian, Bad Bunny, and Irina Shayk have been just some of the many A-listers opting for the puffer this season - and the effect has been revolutionary. As it turns out, with the right combination of accessories and enough confidence, puffers can elevate an overall street-style look, not compromise it! Need more proof? Then let's cast our minds back to the most iconic night in fashion every year, the legendary Met Gala.

puffy jacket winter trend
Sean Zanni / Contributor via Getty Images
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Besides absolutely shutting the red carpet down by making their first public appearance as a couple, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky made waves for the iconic looks they brought to the ritzy New York affair. But let's forget about A$AP for a second and focus on our Fenty Queen, RiRi (above). Rihanna rocked the red carpet in - that's right - a puffy coat. Now, this wasn't any jacket but a Balenciaga overcoat paired with some glamorous accessories. And as the story goes, Rihanna sets the trends, and we loyally follow. So can we really be that surprised that puffy coats are officially considered high fashion? Either way, we're certainly thankful that some bold and stylish celebs took the plunge to elevate this winter necessity to new heights.

And thanks to this trend, we can find our own stylish puffy coat for the winter season at some of our favorite shops like Aritizia and Zara. So don't be shy! Now's the time to keep your body warm and your style even hotter with this up-and-coming trend. And be sure to check back soon for more trends coming your way.

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