Ribbons & Bows: Girly-Core Will Dominate This Fall


| LAST UPDATE 09/15/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Ribbon Trend Bow Hair
Dave Kotinsky / Stringer via Getty Images

Mark our words: Ribbons will be the hair accessory girls can't get enough of. As a part of the ballet-core, schoolgirl, and doll aesthetics, the bow fits into an array of different looks and could be the simplest way to spruce up any outfit. One big ribbon, lots of little ones, or even a ribbon on the outfit itself; any way to incorporate a bit of girliness can make a difference. On top of that, a ribbon can cost as little as a dollar at a local craft store; these are the trends we will happily get around.

Whether it is an obsession with looking younger and more feminine or a way to balance an androgynous outfit, fashion lovers are already embracing the new trend. On TikTok, a simple bow can transform any outfit into a trendy "core" style. Bows replace shoe laces, weave into cable-knit sweaters, adorn hair and headpieces, and even decorate headphone cables. Ultimately, the bow trend is about taking traditional symbols of girlhood and repurposing them as self-empowerment statements.

Ribbon Bow Hair Trendy
@itsangiebby via Instagram

Celebrities that have embraced the trend could warrant an essay; Sydney Sweeney and Emily Ratajkowski wore big black bows in their hair at the MET Gala to spice up relatively low-key outfits. Brie Larson was spotted with a black ribbon in her hair at Cannes. This simple addition elevated her simple black dress. In a different look, Jennie of Blackpink braided a long red ribbon throughout her hair for a performance in Houston. 

It's not just ribbons in hair that have celebrities running to the red carpet; an elevated and more dramatic version of the trend is to wear a choker necklace with a ribbon. Also known as a rosette choker, Hailee Steinfeld attended Cinemacon in Las Vegas sporting a hefty rosette that complimented her outfit perfectly. The trendy look is a callback to Y2K prom style and to the late 18th and early 19th Century; ribbons were an essential aspect of any regal or aristocratic outfit. Famously, Marie Antoinette would decorate her two-foot-high hair with flowers, jewels, feathers, and ribbons. Is it wrong to want to be a fabulous French Queen with a touch of femininity? Oh, take off our heads then.

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