Sally Darr Griffin's Knits Are Taking Over Insta


| LAST UPDATE 04/26/2022

By Georgina White
gen z sweater trend
Instagram via @sdgknits

It seems like just last week, we were fangirling over the latest winter staple. But like all great fads, designers have been breathing new life into their pieces, and, therefore, trends have stayed relevant way longer than a typical season. And when it comes to trendy knits, we can thank Sally Darr Griffin for her never-ending genius. Here's a look at her one-of-a-kind sweaters that have taken social media by storm.

One thing's for sure: these are not your typical mass-produced pieces. By combining her crafty skills with her love of pop culture, the young designer has tapped into the Gen-Z market in a big way. Her simple and to-the-point designs feature catchy phrases that seem as though they could double as Instagram captions. From "not Chanel" to "relevant" and "flop era," these sweaters aren't just a cozy top layer, they're a whole mood that Sally's customers can't seem to live without. Another key reason why Griffin's styles have become so well-known is that she's tapped into our generation's love of all things vintage-looking. Sally's sweaters are the perfect intersection of hitting the jackpot at the thrift store - but with a modern twist.

knit sweater viral trend
Instagram via @sdgknits
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With over 30 thousand followers across her two Instagram accounts, Sally has officially reached viral status - blue checkmark included. And while her pages are mainly dedicated to her work, she has found a fun and creative way to plug her pieces. She has been known to photoshop her sweaters onto deserving celebs, including James Charles, Emma Chamberlain, and even a still of Cassie from Euphoria! And of course, who would be more deserving of the "not Chanel" sweater than Cher from Clueless? From meme-level advertisements to must-have designs, Sally has carved a space for herself in fashion history - and it doesn't look like she has plans to go anywhere anytime soon.

Be sure to take a look at her designs over on her page, but consider this your warning: You're most likely going to want to buy everything that you see. Check back soon for more iconic fashion trends making our heads turn!

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