Slinging Back to the 90s With Flat Shoes Galore


| LAST UPDATE 08/23/2023

By Amelia Taylor
flat shoes fashion fall
@_olhirst_ via Instagram

2023 has transported back to the late 1950s because flat shoes are the only thing anyone wants to wear. In a year where flat shoes have dominated the summer, there will be no surprise when the trend continues into the fall. It’s not just one type of flat shoe that has overtaken sandals, sneakers, and boots. From ballet flats and mules to Mary Janes, loafers, and clogs, everyone wants to stay on the ground this year. The trend really showed itself like no other at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August. 

However, this fall will not just be all about flats in general Next season, everyone will be sporting their favorite pair of jeans, midi dress/skirt, or pants and wearing them with a couple of flat slingback shoes. The slingback style is classic, having made a return since its popularization in the 90s. Meghan Markle was recently spotted wearing the most classic pair of beige slingbacks with black on the pointed toe in California. While her Chanel slings cost $1350, you can find an identical pair from Nordstrom for 10% of the price. 

Slingback Ballet Flat Shoes
@mmequeenb via Instagram
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Given the diversity in prices and quality, we can happily get around this trend. Although you can purchase a pair of slingbacks from Saint Laurent for $895 or Chanel for $1360, there are options for Zara, H&M, or Nordstrom for no more than $65. And for the girlies who love to spend a little but not go out on the A-List luxuries, Ganni, Reformation, and Hereu are the nicest at a midpoint price. Even if you’re not into flat shoes and prefer a little height, there are slingback kitten shoes or even a full high heel for the girls looking for some elevation. 

@parisianvibe Parisian girl’s flat shoes collection with Benedicte Burguet Journe #ballerinas #chanelslingback #sergiorossi #loafers #hermeschypre #hermes #repetto #repettoshoes ♬ That's Amore - Dean Martin

What can be credited for this sudden rise in the wearing of flats, especially because flats were considered daggy and unflattering not so long ago? Vogue published a piece in June about the “wrong shoe theory,” the idea of wearing a shoe that doesn’t look like it works with the outfit. Wearing a long skirt and ballet flats wouldn’t typically go together, but something about the combination has us adding the Chanel slingbacks to our shopping cart right now.

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