How To Spice Up Your Wardrobe This Winter Season


| LAST UPDATE 01/04/2022

By Georgina White
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Instagram via @shopcider

Ok guys, the holidays might be over - but for many of us, winter isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So, we're left with the ultimate dilemma: how can we add a little life back into our drab winter wardrobe? Well, hold on tight because we did some digging and found three brands that are serving seriously fun looks for this season. Keep scrolling.

For starters, we're looking at Cider, a viral brand that seemingly came out of nowhere in 2021. And thank goodness they rose to the top because we seriously couldn't imagine getting through these drab winter months without their cute and cozy designs. As Cider puts it, they're all about "smart fashion," meaning that they only produce what they know for sure that consumers want - and they've totally nailed it! You can spice up your day-to-day look with their super fun chunky knits that will elevate your fit to new heights.

fashion trends winter 2022
Instagram via @shopcider

But wait - there's more! Over at Velantris, this small business with big dreams is changing the fashion game with their cozy sweaters that are just in time for the cooler months. From fuzzy sheep to cherries and cheetah print, you can stay warm and make heads turn on campus or at work as you strut your stuff in one of their unique creations. Plus, you can feel great knowing you're supporting a small biz. It's a total win-win, right?

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And last but certainly not least we have the one and only MOTEL. This worldwide brand has climbed all the way to nearly two million followers, with shoppers everywhere scrambling to get their hands on one of their super fun pieces. And while MOTEL is known for their 90s aesthetic party dresses, they also know what's up when it comes to dressing a little bit cozier. "Our jumper obsession continues," they wrote on their Instagram post as they showed off their multi-toned green knit.

So remember guys, winter may be a drab, but our outfits don't have to be! Stay tuned for more fashion trends making waves online.