How To Stay Trendy at The Office This Winter


| LAST UPDATE 11/11/2022

By Christiana Holland
Winter Fashion Office Looks
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It's all about finding a happy medium. We know there's something special about summer couture, but we're promising you those cozier clothes are coming in hot this winter. Even if it's sitting behind a desk, we want you to feel your best. It's called office chic, let's take a look.

It might be hard to dig through the wardrobe to find something cozy yet so cute at the same time. We know what you're thinking. How are we meant to stay stylish with an abundance of layers on? It can be hard to resist sweaters and sweatpants, but we're making those 9-5 days more exciting. Let's be real, if we don't look our best, it's only going to affect our mood. So, stand out while making the big bucks. For starters, it's time to dig up those double-faced wool-belted coats. These knee-length coats are perfect in neutral, grey, or black, exerting professionalism but also letting everyone in the office know winter is not taking away your shine. Not to mention, a Norwegian cable knit vest works perfectly underneath. So, when the coat comes off, heads will continue to turn. Vests are back in, giving that 90s nostalgia. 

Work Winter Outfits Cableknit
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Speaking of 90s fashion, there's something special about a turtleneck. They work perfectly with a pair of jeans or tailored trousers. Regarding turtleneck dresses, this cold-friendly piece of clothing can go with almost any jacket draped over, finished off with chic winter boots, keeping the majority, if not almost, your entire body warm. Next up is similar to a turtleneck, but think, chunkier. Yes, it's the beloved roll-neck sweater. These thick knits are designed for cozy couture, especially when it's extra chilly outside. When opting for this top half, try sliding on a pair of oversized jeans - or skinny, both won't disappoint. There's also the option of going all out, all wool. Try a knitted dress with tights underneath, chunky boots, and you're set! Jackets. They can be your best friend. When you want to wear something a little lighter, only certain jackets can be worn the whole day and keep you at a perfect temperature. So, why not try a velvet blazer, a casual open-front cardigan, or even a fur-long cardigan coat? These essentials can drape over almost any bottom half, whether it's a leather pencil skirt, something knitted, or wide-leg tailored trousers for more of a free-spirited work vibe.

Think we covered everything? Honestly, there are tons of fashion choices to choose from. We just gave you a head start. So, don't mope around thinking your summer wardrobe is everything, winter can work in our favor, but only if we let it. For more specific inspiration, try checking out these established 2022 winter fashion trends!

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