How To Style a Bralette for Any Occasion


| LAST UPDATE 08/22/2022

By Lia Thomson
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We all know that bralettes are 10 times more comfortable than wearing an underwire bra underneath your shirt. And the best part about the undergarment is that it's so versatile. There are so many colors, designs, shapes, and sizes that they can be worn for any occasion. Here's how to style it from one event to the next.

Bralettes can be sexy and lacy or sporty and chill - the options truly are endless. "Incorporating lingerie into outfits is definitely not new," style content creator Vanessa Chen explained to NYLON. The trend isn't new, but it has developed over time. For example, in recent years, influencers and models have been rocking the corset top. "But on the complete opposite spectrum," the influencer added, "I've seen an increase in sheer mesh, like non-wired, non-structured bras, appear more and more often." This outfit is perfect for going out to the club with the girls or grabbing dinner with your beau. A see-through top that shows off a black lacy bralette gives just the perfect amount of subtle and sexy. 

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@jolene__wright via Instagram
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Another way to make the piece sexier is to opt for a big jacket instead of the mesh top. Chen suggested, "Throw on an oversized blazer over a sexier bralette, maybe like a bustier-type or a lacy one with high-waisted bottoms." Now, if you want a casual look, then don't worry - there are many ways to wear the bralette. Content creator Summer Rachel Warren advised to "pair a bralette with trousers, a button-down, and sandals." This has easily become a go-to for many of our favorite influencers on the 'gram or on TikTok. It's easy, cute, and, most importantly, comfortable! Chen revealed her favorite accessories to add to this outfit, "You can throw on like a baseball hat or a baguette bag and basically have a full look without putting that much effort in," she continued.

Bralettes can be sexy, casual, and even grungy! All you need to do is pair the small top with larger pants. Fashion social media creator Mikayla Stephenson said, "I would pair it with very slouchy bottoms, like cargo pants or those overly baggy jeans that we've been seeing." Honestly, we can't choose which aesthetic we love more! We guess we'll have to try them all. For more fashion tips, make sure to check out Chen's Tiktok videos. 

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