Meet the Stylist Behind Anna Sorokin's Famous Looks


| LAST UPDATE 03/18/2022

By Peral Simons
Anna Delvey, Courtroom Style
Timothy A. Clary via Getty Images

We're used to seeing the best of fashion at the Met Gala or the Oscars. The courtroom? Less so. In the most Anna Sorokin/Delvey way possible, she famously made her trial entry into her fashion runway, and honestly, we couldn't get enough of her non-traditional courtroom looks. The grifter and con-artist convicted on eight counts, including larceny and theft of services, was sentenced to four to twelve years in prison. Not one to let the opportunity for fame and fortune go to waste, Anna hired a fashion stylist to make sure it went down as a trial to remember.

From Michael Kors to Saint Laurent, Delvey truly kept up her 'German Heiress' persona which she had used for so many years. Her style was so incredibly popular that an Instagram account 'annadelveycourtlooks' was set up in her honor, praising the criminal for her iconic fashion. Doing what she does best, Anna had successfully diverted everyone's attention, most notably the tabloids, away from her crimes and towards her prison makeover. So who was behind these looks?

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Elle has confirmed that it was fashion stylist Anastasia Walker who was shipping off these clothes to Rikers Prison, and they got her to spill all the juicy behind the courtroom details. "Anna and I talked on the phone about what she was interested in wearing," Walker told the publication. "I couldn't show her photographs, but as people interested in fashion, we spoke in references about the themes she wanted to come through [in her outfits]. I selected some timeless pieces, given that everything is so public today and [trial] photographs can be saved, potentially, forever."

Anastasia Walker, Delvey, Stylist
Instagram via @neoncomplex

After being connected through a mutual friend, Walker came on board Delvey's courtroom team and got the infamous defendant ready for her time in the spotlight. With her background as a fashion magazine shoot stylist, this was undoubtedly a new challenge for Walker. Besides the practical logistics of getting clothes into prison, Walker explained that there was also a strict policy and "if something doesn't fall within the parameters of what they deem appropriate or safe, it will not be allowed." As for that famous choker that even made it into the Netflix Series Inventing Anna? That was "all Anna's idea," Walker exclaims! Love or hate her; there's no denying Delvey is knows how to turn heads.

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