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29+ Teens Who Rocked Their Moms' Prom Dresses


| LAST UPDATE 02/24/2022

By Alyssa Williams

Some trends never go out of style. So is the case with these prom dresses worn by mothers years ago - that are now being reused by their daughters for prom night! Here are some of the vintage looks we loved.

Pretty in Purple

This teen did some online shopping for something to wear to prom night. But things took an unexpected turn when she was delivered a dress that left her pretty disappointed. Luckily, she had a backup plan.

vintage prom dress todayvintage prom dress today
Facebook via Hope Buzzell-Bates

In search of the perfect solution, she decided to scour through her mother's closet. Sure enough, she ended up finding the dress her mother wore to prom years ago! Based on that picture above, we'd say she pretty much rocked her mother's purple cross-back number.

Dazzling Red

This dazzling red dress was the clear choice for this teenager when the time came for her to decide what she was going to wear to prom. It also had a matching jacket that added an extra layer of satin to the long, flowy number. Here's a little peek at how it looked.

red prom dress vintagered prom dress vintage
Twitter via @BarbAlynWoods

On the day of her prom in 2016, the daughter recreated her mother's original photo, which was apparently taken 36 years later! Like mom, she sat in a chair with her eyes closed, legs crossed, and hands in her lap. We have no doubt she turned quite a few heads in her mother's 1980 outfit!

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Black And Blue

This high school teenager kept it simple but sophisticated in her mother's 1996 prom dress. The long, tight-fitting dress was beautifully embellished, with a color that added a charming style to it. But the daughter added a little bit of flair to her look that we likely wouldn't find in 1996!

long black prom dresslong black prom dress
Twitter via @MelanieFlo78

Users who commented on the pictures found her hair to perfectly match the outfit. Looking at the pictures, we can't help but agree with one of the commenters, named Abhisek Chakraborty, who noted, "Style trends come and go, but elegance is forever."

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The Handmade Prom Dress

One soon-to-be high school graduate, whose mother had created her own prom dress back in 1987, wasn't about to let her mother's style die in the '80s. Instead of shopping for a new dress to wear to prom, she decided to wear her mother's legacy on her shoulders - literally - on prom night.

handmade vintage prom dresshandmade vintage prom dress
Facebook via Bekah Graham

The spaghetti strap dress appears to be made of red satin, over which another transparent layer was added to give the dress a white pattern. The daughter recreated the dress along with her prom date, giving the camera a similar pose to the one captured in 1987!

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Simple but Elegant

This teenager's dress of choice for prom was none other than the one her mom decided to wear to prom when she was in high school. Posing with her prom date at the beach, she even recreated the picture taken of her mother, who was also photographed with her prom date.

vintage mother prom dressvintage mother prom dress
Twitter via @jdilla333

The long, black dress looks simple but elegant and has golden, ornate straps hanging on the shoulders. In the more recent photo on the right, the daughter has apparently even adorned her wrist with a red rose corsage, matching the rose on her prom date's tux.

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White for Prom Night

This seems to have been quite a proud moment for this mother, whose daughter decided to wear Mom's dress to prom 30 years later. "I think it's the most beautiful, but I'm a little biased toward my own family.... 1987 and 2017," she captioned the photo.

white vintage prom dresswhite vintage prom dress
Facebook via Lynne Ellen Lopez

Well, as unbiased viewers, we think this mother's judgment is spot on. Her daughter elegantly posed in the white, backless dress, along with her prom date, who wore a matching white suit. The daughter even wore her hair in the same style as her mother did in 1987.

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A Dress for Three Generations

This pink dress made its way through a few generations in this family. These two photos feature a mother wearing a dress to prom and her daughter choosing it as her prom dress again in 2013. But the first time it was worn was actually in 1962, by the newest graduate's grandmother!

pink vintage prom dresspink vintage prom dress
Facebook via Bev Tippett

The pink, layered dress has certainly proven that it transcends time. The granddaughter styled her hair just like her mother did for her prom night, adding a classy hairband. However, she decided that she could do without her mom's long, white gloves.

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Classic Black

This dress was worn to prom by a teenager in high school in the '70s - and again by her daughter, several years later. The two photos that were uploaded showed both the mother and her daughter, each standing by their prom date, sporting the elegant dress.

cross neck prom dresscross neck prom dress
Facebook via Kira Brenner

The long, black gown appears to have a cross-neck design, and flows down, giving a simple but classy look. The daughter even decided to add a rose corsage that matches the rose on her prom date's tux, just like the matching couple in the photo from the 70s.

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The Red Ruffle Dress

Mom's red, off-the-shoulder dress fit this teenager perfectly when she decided to wear it to prom years later. Smiling and posing for the camera, she flaunted the dress' ruffles with her hands on her hips, recreating her mother's memories from so many years ago.

red ruffle prom dressred ruffle prom dress
Twitter via @maciehengel

Probably the only visible difference is the dress' color, which looks a bit brighter in the more recent picture. The daughter also decided not to wear the hoops underneath the skirt, giving the dress a flatter, more modern look. Either way, we think both girls who wore this dress totally rocked it.

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Pretty in Pink

This teenager had quite a vision for a dress to wear for prom, and believe it or not, it was inspired by the dress her mom wore when she was in high school. The daughter decided to give the dress a more modern look, and here is a little peek at how that went.

revamped pink prom dressrevamped pink prom dress
Imgur via sheorhe

The dress lost a lot of the ruffles that decorated the shoulders, as well as some of the length it had below the knees. The daughter also decided to make the skirt of the dress a little puffy in the back, giving it a more fit-and-flare look. A successful revamp, in our opinion!

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Shining in Red

When in doubt, borrow Mom's prom dress - and add a personal touch to it. This is apparently what this high school teenager decided to do when she thought of what she would be wearing to prom. Here's a little peek at how the two teenagers looked in the elegant red dress.

red vintage prom dressred vintage prom dress
Twitter via @BissyBun

The daughter also decided to personalize the dress a bit, swapping the beads on the chest with a new diamond-shaped design. Like her mother did in 1990, she also matched her earrings to the design, opting for large, silver diamonds that complemented the classy look.

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Sassy but Classy

It may not be one's typical prom dress, but it certainly is one of the fiercest ones we've seen! This teenager slayed in her mother's sassy, two-piece dress that she decided to wear to her own prom. And it's a good thing that there are pictures to prove it.

two piece prom dresstwo piece prom dress
Facebook via Tiffany Sims

The unique dress had a stylish pattern with a crisscross tie string. And not only did the daughter borrow her mom's dress for prom, but it appears she also brought back the lively attitude her mom displayed in the older photo. An iconic "like mother like daughter" moment!

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Black Cross Neck

Cross-neck dresses just never seem to go out of style. This was probably the exact thought of this daughter, who decided her mom's old prom dress was the right look to show up in for prom night. After seeing these pictures, we're finding it hard to disagree with her!

vintage prom dress blackvintage prom dress black
Facebook via Deanne Williamson Stella

In fact, this girl looks so much like her mother did when she was in her teenage years, it's hard to tell the difference between the two photos! That is, except for the bouquet of flowers in the picture on the left. The daughter also decided to throw in a pair of white earrings to complete the elegant look.

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Fierce in Flowers

This teenager redesigned her mom's old prom dress to fit the 2010s, and we think she actually nailed it! Her mother tweeted a photo of herself wearing the dress in 1990 alongside a photo of her daughter wearing it more than 20 years later - with a few changes.

black flower prom dressblack flower prom dress
Twitter via @EnglishStaci

The daughter kept the flowers on the dress' front, but the puffy, white shoulders that were trending in 1990 didn't make it to the new design in 2014. Instead, they were replaced by white straps that gave the dress a simpler look with the same level of elegance.

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Baby Blue, Baby

Apparently, this young lady isn't entirely new to borrowing clothes from her mother. She uploaded a photo of herself wearing her mother's prom dress alongside another picture of her mother in the same dress on her prom night. And we think both ladies looked beautiful in it.

vintage prom dress viralvintage prom dress viral
Facebook via Paige Thompson Hart

The caption on the post read, "Mom and I shared several dresses, 24 years apart..." The daughter even resembles her mother so much, it would be hard to tell these two aren't the same person if it weren't for the long gloves that were so in style a few decades ago.

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Girls with Pearls

This mama was pretty proud to see her daughter wear her 1993 dress to prom 24 years later. The front of the black, tight-fitting dress was embellished with an elegant white pattern that gave the dress quite a graceful look. Here's what it looked like.

embellished vintage dress promembellished vintage dress prom
Facebook via Jolynn Galdamez Mckey

Another style the daughter borrowed was her mother's idea to pair the dress with a pearl necklace. Just like her mother, she also wore a corsage to match her prom date's tuxedo, but decided not to wear the long white gloves that her mother wore in 1993.

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The Perfect Pearl Neckline

This young lady decided no outfit in the world could be more suitable for prom night than her mother's own prom dress. And after seeing the photos, we can't help but agree! The girl's mother posted one photo for each time the dress was worn to prom, and here's how they looked.

pearl prom dress vintagepearl prom dress vintage
Facebook via Tiffani-Ayn Rose

The long, black gown had a thick pearl neckline and a cut-out in the chest. It looked quite elegant on both the mother and her daughter. By the looks of it, we can tell there were probably a lot of nostalgic feelings going on when the second photo was taken, years later!

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Sequins in Style

One can never go wrong with sequin dresses, right? This teenager probably thought so as well, when she decided to borrow her mom's old one to wear in 2014. And although the dress was first worn in 1990, it would be difficult to tell its age just by looking at the second picture.

black sequin prom dressblack sequin prom dress
Facebook via Sara Floto Sturges

The chic dress was tight-fitting, had long sleeves, and was completely covered in black sequins. Along with the dress, the daughter also wore her mother's smile but styled her long hair differently, giving it a curly look. She also opted for long, silver earrings instead of the black ones her mother wore.

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Elegant in Black

Black just never seems to go out of style. At least based on these two pictures of a mother and her daughter wearing the same on each of their prom nights. And although the two photos were taken 20 years apart, the dress looks like it could have been designed yesterday.

vintage black dress promvintage black dress prom
Facebook via Jody Bautista

The front of the high-neck dress is covered in black sequins down to its waist, and the satin skirt flows elegantly down to the ankles. The gorgeous look on the left was completed with the '90s famous long gloves, which were also black. The daughter, on the other hand, decided the look was complete without them.

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The Almost-Prom Dress

According to this Facebook user named Tina Boop, her daughter didn't wear her old prom dress to the dance - but at least she tried it on! The daughter even recreated her mother's prom photo, standing in the same spot her mother had posed for the camera in 20 years back.

vintage purple maxi dressvintage purple maxi dress
Facebook via Tina Boop

The maxi dress, which had a tighter fit around the waist, was plum-colored, embellished with black lace in the front and around the hips. We're not sure why this teenager decided not to wear her mom's dress to prom, but we're sure she rocked the outfit she chose instead.

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Beautiful in Black

Yet another example of black dresses staying in vogue over the decades... After being worn for the first time in 1998, it was rocked again by its owner's daughter in 2017. She decided to keep her prom outfit classy, and her mother's dress was there to help her accomplish just that.

vintage black prom dressvintage black prom dress
Facebook via Donna Fox Saaty

The tight-fitting black dress with the V-neck and thick straps proved that dresses of its kind never grow old. The slit in the dress' bottom has also remained in style over the years. The way we see it, black dresses - especially from moms' proms - are always a great choice.

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Black is Back

Honestly, some dresses just never go out of style. So was the case with this mother's classy, strapless black dress. This user proudly uploaded a photo of herself wearing the dress, alongside one of her mother wearing it 25 years ago! And the picture of her mother very well could have been taken yesterday.

vintage prom dress viralvintage prom dress viral
Imgur via iheartnpr

25 years later, the daughter wore her mother's exact outfit to prom - but decided she could do without the black gloves that were quite in style back then. In our opinion, a strapless, flare fit is always a great choice for a special occasion like this one.

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"Who Wore It Better"

"Who wore it better?" read the caption on this teenager's tweet. She decided to redo her mom's look for prom night, making just a few adjustments to the pink dress her mother wore to the big night in 1985. Lucky for us, we get to have a preview of how the dress looked after the changes were made to it.

pink prom dress vintagepink prom dress vintage
Twitter via @TQT1990

For her prom night, she decided to swap the flowers and light pink ribbon around the waist of the dress with a dark pink ribbon - but kept the ruffles along the neckline of the dress. We're also wondering if the pearl necklace she's wearing is the same one from 1985!

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Bold in Black

Another black dress to make this list is this one, worn by Facebook user Jolynn Galdamez Mckey. She posted this photo of herself with her prom date in the black dress she wore that night, along with another photo of her daughter wearing the same dress.

black halter prom dressblack halter prom dress
Facebook via Jolynn Galdamez Mckey

The backless halter dress has a rather deep V-neck and a tight fit. The mother appears to have matched her rose corsage to the one on her prom date's jacket. 23 years later, her daughter apparently also decided to match with her prom date, but opted for pink roses instead of red ones. Either way, they looked very classy!

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"When Peplum Was the Trend"

"Dresses always come back in style!" read the caption on Ella Charlson Chabra's Facebook post. And to be honest, we don't see where she's wrong. This photo is from back "when peplum was the trend," according to Ella. The chic dress looks like it was a great choice for prom!

vintage prom dress vintage prom dress
Facebook via Ella Charlson Chabra

Made of blue satin that had a tight fit down to its waist, the strapless dress looks like it hasn't aged a day. The mother wore the 80s-style blue dress with long, black gloves, whereas her daughter chose to accessorize with a black necklace to complete the look.

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The Show-Stopper

Trying on mom's clothes is something most girls have probably done at some point in their lives. So is the case with this teenager. We're not sure if this is the dress she ended up wearing to prom, but she tried on her mother's prom dress from the '90s.

mom white prom dressmom white prom dress
Facebook via Hilary CH Barrett

Although it appears to look yellow in the photo on the right, the picture of the mother in the dress shows it's likely to be white. The front of the dress fits tightly down to the waist and has a chiffon skirt that flows all the way down to the ankles. We're thinking this dress would have made quite a scene at a 2010s prom!

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Mom, Dad & Me...

This Twitter user posted a little throwback to her junior prom, adding a photo of her mom and dad at their junior prom together. And what makes the two photos even more special is that the daughter looks stunning in her mom's old dress that she decided to borrow for prom.

mom vintage prom dressmom vintage prom dress
Twitter via @DevinRaelynn

The elegant dress joins the growing group of black dresses on this list. The maxi dress has thick straps and a V-neck, with a slit just visible at the bottom. The daughter appears to also have matched her purple and white corsage to her mother's old one to complete the look for prom night.

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All Smiles in Red

In 2017, Brad Groves took to Facebook to express his excitement over his daughter finally going to prom - and in her mother's prom outfit! The dress his daughter wore in 2017 was the same one her mother wore in 1997, and we honestly can't tell who wore it better!

mom red prom dressmom red prom dress
Facebook via Brad Groves

The bright red gown had a wrap halter neck and a slit in its elegant skirt. The mother and daughter also sported the same smile as they posed for the camera. Is it just us, or do their glasses have a similar color too? Either way, as far as we're concerned, we're loving this iconic recreation of mom's 1997 prom night!

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Sister, Sister

Halter necks also seem to cross over well from one generation to the next. This Twitter user posted a photo of her mother on prom day and another of herself, and both teenagers posed in a stylish black dress with a colorful pattern on it. Here's how they looked.

halter vintage prom dresshalter vintage prom dress
Twitter via @its__krys__

The long black dress has colorful patterns on it, and certainly looks like it could have been designed in the 2010s! One interesting addition to the tweet was a comment posted by the same user, who added a photo of her younger sister in the same dress a year later!

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Timeless in Blue

The way we see it, sequins really are timeless. Suitable for any party, for any generation, these shiny beads seem to always find a way to stay relevant in fashion trends. That's probably why these two photos featuring the same blue dress look like they could have been taken only a day apart.

mom's vintage prom dress mom's vintage prom dress
Twitter via @hannahthaiss

A user named Hannah tweeted this photo of herself wearing her mom's prom dress, along with a photo of her mom around the same age in the same sequin dress. The two photos show a great example of how Gen Z is bringing back the 80s - and doing it well!

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