Stepping Into Winter: 10 New Bag Trends


| LAST UPDATE 10/06/2022

By Christiana Holland
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As far as season change goes, it's out with the old and in with the new. Or, at least, just swapping out the summer wardrobe for our winter staples. We know how hard it is to say goodbye to our crochet skirts and cute totes for at least six months. A new year means new seasonal trends! So, let's see what bags are in style this winter. 

As fall approaches, we might opt for a darker boho fit, like a beige pair of western boots or a light wool sweater. Yet, it's safe to say bags complete our entire outfit when it comes to accessories. Have you ever thought about what fits in with the seasons' aesthetic? "Sustainability-first stylist" Cassandra Dittmer explains, "I think one of the biggest seasonal changes will be in textures and overall styling and usage of handbags." She proceeds, "trends will shift from the rattans to mixed media, chunkier hardware, faux furs and shearlings, and more substantial sizing and architecture." Let's start with the Luna Bag from Loewe. The small, leather shoulder bag is perfect for "wandering the city," says stylist Seppe Tirabassi. Opt for a cross-body or over-the-shoulder. Whether it's brunch or a night out with friends, it works for casual and formal occasions. 

Loewe Luna Winter Trends
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Next, we have the August Hobo bag in coffee leather from Khaite. A bag that comes in four other colors is the way forward when figuring out the day's color schemes. This "slouchy zip-top silhouette" might be the ideal bag when feeling a little mysterious on those New York nights. For something a little wilder, the Scarf Hobo bag from Mark Cross in 'Smooth Calfskin Mc Red' should be a head-turner. The "petit shape mimics a tied-up textile in a playful, ultra-modern context of sumptuous leather," as described on the website. For those sustainable fashionistas, the Miriam Mini Tote in Green from Santos by Monica should do the trick. This vegan leather bag is made from 100% Organic Cotton, so you can feel good while looking good. While on the topic of faux, try something cozier to keep your hands warm by clutching onto the Beige Oversized Faux Fur Bag from Rokh. This bag carries all essential winter needs with a patch pocket and zip-lock compartment. Lastly, in honor of PFW and Balenciaga's jaw-dropping runway performance, the Cagole XS Studded Leather Shoulder Bag is a favorite. With an adjustable strap, removable chains, and a range of colors to choose from, this is perfect for everyone and every season.

So, switching out your wardrobe shouldn't be stressful but rather exciting. Every season is a time to watch out for ever-changing trends and needs. Why not try something a little different? These seasons won't last, but grab these bags while you can!

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