The New Justin Bieber Look Everyone Is Talking About


| LAST UPDATE 08/30/2023

By Amelia Taylor
Justin Bieber Style Fashion
Gotham via Getty Images

Justin Bieber rocked up to wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s makeup launch event in an outfit that left people on the internet a little confused. Even though Hailey’s brand Rhodes was launching her new lipstick in a Krispy Kreme in New York City, Justin’s sweats with a cap over the hoodie on his head seemed more than underdressed.

While Hailey wore a chic red Ermanno Scervino mini dress, matching heels and a bag from Maison Ernest, and a Ferragamo, Justin wore matching Balenciaga sweats and looked like he was avoiding law enforcement or doing his best impression of Joe from You. However, if we can trust anyone with anything, we should believe that whatever Justin wears will be spread and copied like wildfire.

Justin Bieber Hat Hoodie
@justinbieber via Instagram
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In predictable Justin fashion and to keep us on our toes, he paired the tightly wrapped grey hoodie with a bright pink trucker cap decorated with red font. Putting the hat on top of the firm hoodie has divided people online. One X user wrote, “The bar has never been lower.” In contrast, another user praised the singer for being “comfortable to wear what he wants.” Despite being her brand’s coveted launch event, Hailey doesn’t seem fazed by the look. As one person tweeted, “I’ve never seen Justin Bieber without shorts, a hoodie, and a cap in the last five years.” Perhaps the influencer is just used to her hubby’s old fashion antics?

This wouldn’t be the first time Justin has helmed an unconventional trend. In 2021, the singer would accessorize his suits with gummy bear charm necklaces. After that, we saw a trend of Jibbitz and maximization accessorizing take over the industry. In that same year, when J-Biebs attended the MTV Video Music Awards, he donned a black hoodie, oversized blazer, and baggier-than-baggy jeans. Can you guess what the look was for that year and, arguably, 2022? Justin basically pioneered baggy oversized outfits. Justin has turned high fashion and luxury brands into ‘lazy’ style for three to four years. Just because he is wearing Karl Lagerfeld and Louis Vuitton doesn’t mean the singer isn’t going to add his own spin to it and inspire a whole generation of fashion lovers.

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