TikTok Is Obsessed With This Pink Dress, Here's Why


| LAST UPDATE 03/16/2022

By Lia Thomson
zara pink slip dress
@caroline_astlf via Instagram

We already know what influence TikTok has on basically anything related to food, beauty, or fashion. And now, the social media platform has a whole new obsession with Zara's pink satin slip dress. Here's why everyone is trying to get their hands on this gem.

In 2021, everyone was wearing the infamous TikTok leggings, but now as we start to go from working from home to working in the office, the fashion has gone from comfy to cute. The videos showcasing this dress have millions of views, so it is no surprise how this dress has become so viral amongst TikTok users. While it's not as trendy as the Olapex hair bun, or the Dyson air wrap, we can guarantee you have probably seen it as you scroll through the app at least once by now. Harper Bazaar's associate editor, Chelsea Sanchez admitted to Elle, "Basically every time I log into TikTok, I get at least 3-4 videos on my For You page of girls trying it on."

zara tiktok pink dress
@laetitiagougeon_ via Instagram
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The open-back, spaghetti strap satin fabric seems to fit every person who has tried it on like a glove. It's the perfect spring outfit, all you have to do is throw it on, top it off with some sneakers and a hat for a casual look. Or replace the shoes with strappy heels and a cardigan, and you're ready for date night. What could be more perfect? But that is not even all! It's the low price range that really got people's attention. Unfortunately, nice dresses typically range from $100 and up. This Zara one only goes for $60!

@just.tik.tok.tings a must have!!!!! #unboxing #zarahaul #zarapinkdress ♬ JUMPIN JUMPIN DJ HORIZON - DJHorizon

It's wild the impact that TikTok can have because thousands of girls have given their business to the fashion retail company. "Saw a TikTok and purchased immediately," one user captioned her video which has nearly 789,000 views and at least 87,000 liked. According to Elle, google-searches for "Zara pink slip dress" have increased by 120% this year, as reported by Googe Shopping data. Believe it or not, even with all the hype around it, the dress is still in stock. So if you are just as obsessed as us, head over to Zara to buy it before it's too late!

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